Take the Assessment Questionnaire (AQ) at Mt. SAC

Assessment Center

Students attending Mt. San Antonio College are required to participate in assessment. The assessment and placement process has been established to enable all students an opportunity to be successful by taking the right level of courses. In addition, the process allows the faculty to provide instruction at an appropriate level with the knowledge that students will be reasonably prepared.

    • Assessment Questionnaire
      The Assessment Questionnaire (AQ) provides course placement for English and math. Most students will immediately receive  placement results based on their answers to the Assessment Questionnaire.

      Learn more about the Assessment Questionnaire.
    • Test Information Sessions
      The Test Information Sessions will prepare students to take the required placement tests and provide opportunity for students to ask questions regarding the tests.
      Learn more about the Test Information Sessions.
    • Placement Test
      Placements tests are available for English, Math, Reading or Chemistry. For placement in English and math, it's recommended students take the Assessment Questionnaire. Some students must take a placement test because the responses in their questionnaire could not provide a course placement. Other students may choose to take the placement test in order to be placed in a higher level class.
      Prior to taking the placement test, students should:
        1. Make an appointment to take the placement test
       Test results/scores are valid for two years. Students may retest after three months.
      Students with disabilities who may need special accommodations to take the placement test should make arrangements with the Accessibility Resource Centers for Students.
      Learn more about the Placement Tests.
    • Next Step
      After assessment, your next step in the enrollment process is to login to the Mt. SAC portal and complete the Online Orientation.



Assessment Events