Director, Research and Institutional Effectiveness  Barbara McNeice-Stallard (ongoing) (Co-Chair)

Five Academic Senate Appointments with behavioral or biomedical background

Carmen Rexach, Biology (2012-2015)
Misty Kolchakian, Psychology (2012-2015) (Leave for spring 2015)
Nancy Meggelin, Mental Health Technology & Health Careers Resource Center (Co-Chair) (2012-2015)
Rebecca Hatch, Sociology (2012-2015)
Katheryn McGuthry, Psychology  (2012-2015)  (replaces Mike Dowdle as of Sept 2014)

Two Managers with Behavioral or Biomedical backgrounds (appointed by the Vice      President of Instruction)
Jeanne-Maria Velickovic, Humanities and Social Sciences (2013-2016)
George Bradshaw (2012-2015)

Director, DSP&S (or designee) Grace Hanson (ongoing)

Community Members
Thomas Spalding, Cal Poly Pomona (2012-2015 - on leave as of May 2014)
James Sass, Rio Hondo College (2014-2017 as of May 2014)

CSEA 262 Non-scientist Appointment Vacant as of Oct 2014 (2012-2015)

Alternates Edwin Romero, Interim Director of Student Life (2014-2017), Chara Powell, Professor, Psychology (Spring 2015-Fall 2018)

Tentative (AS Appointment pending March 5, 2015): Dezzie Prewitt, Faculty, Economics (Biomedical background) (2015-2018)
Tentative (AS Appointment pending March 5, 2015): Catherine L. McKee, Faculty, Paralegal (Biomedical background) (2015-2018)

Assistant : Minerva Avila, Project Coordinator

Person responsible to maintain committee website: Barbara McNeice-Stallard 909-274-4109