Classified Excellence Awards

The Classified Excellence Awards were created to recognize and celebrate the many creative, hard-working, enthusiastic and dedicated classified employees that help make Mt. SAC the best.  There are 10 nomination categories, and nominees/recipients of these prestigious awards are annually announced at the Classified Recognition Ceremony. Classified employees may be nominated by Managers, Faculty or Classified colleagues. Click on the links for the nomination form and criteria for each classified award.


2014 Award Winners

Outstanding Achievement Winner - Troy LyonCommitment to Student Service - Kathleen Clarke
College Appreciation - Patti Boyer
Outstanding Achievement - Troy Lyon
Citizenship - Rondell Schroeder
Best Attitude - Rick Nguyen
Rookie of the Year - Jazmin Vargas
Campus Improvement - Carlos Duarte
College Leadership - Edwin Romero
College Excellence - Larry Poncetta
Joe Mountie Lifetime Achievement - Clarence Brown


2013 Award Winners

Classified Recognition Ceremony

Creativity & Innovation - Kenneth Frank
Commitment to Student Service - Linda Diaz
Outstanding Achievement - Pam Childs
Citizenship - Sean Kelly
Best Attitude - Karen Johnson
Rookie of the Year - Beverly Heasley
Campus Improvement - Beth Quinlan
College Leadership - Mary Lange
Joe Mountie Lifetime Achievement – Virginia Burley


2012 Award Winners

Classified Recognition Ceremony 2013Rookie of the Year – Hawk Yao
College Leadership - Bill Ito
Creativity & Innovation – Duneen Duffin
Best Attitude – Cliff Saunders
College Excellence – Sue Hothi
Campus Improvement – Jose Briceno
Outstanding Achievement – Margaret Palumbo
College Appreciation – Ron Titus
Commitment to Student Service – Maria Iniguez
Citizenship – Deejay Santiago
Joe Mountie Lifetime Achievement – Larry Redinger

2011 Award Winners

Classified Recognition Ceremony 2013Rookie of the Year – Marlene Ward
College Leadership – Laura Martinez
Creativity & Innovation – Dena Schumaker
Best Attitude – Jeff George
College Excellence – Donna Lee
Campus Improvement – Jose Briceno
Outstanding Achievement – Anna Acosta
College Appreciation – Karen Naveda
Commitment to Student Service – Caridad Oppenstein
Citizenship – Darlene Vale
Joe Mountie Lifetime Achievement – John Nixon