Steps to Apply and Enroll


You are an international student if you live outside the U.S. but want to attend Mt. SAC.

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    • 1Step 1: Apply to Mt. SAC

      Complete and submit a Mt. SAC Admission Application

      We're proud to have a large international student body at Mt. San Antonio College. Our students come from virtually every corner of the world, including China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, South Korea, Japan, India, South America, Europe, Mexico, and Canada.

      Our international students thrive at Mt. SAC because we provide over 200 degree and career programs, academic support services, and cultural activities that enrich their college experience.

      Steps to Apply

      1. Complete your application packet. Click here for the F-1 Student Admission Requirements, which includes all of the required components of your packet.
      2. Mail your completed packet to:
        Mt. San Antonio College
        Admissions Office
        1100 North Grand Avenue
        Walnut, CA 91789-1399
      3. Upon approval of your application packet, we will send you the Form I-20, which you will need to apply for an F-1 status/visa.
      4. Take the online Assessment Questionnaire (AQ) and attend a mandatory orientation.
      5. Register for classes at orientation.
      6. Pay the required fees.

       International Student Application Deadlines

      Academic Term Application Deadline Classes Begin
      Summer Intersession 1st Monday of March Late June
      Fall Semester 1st Monday of May Late August
      Spring Semester 1st Monday of October Late February

      After You Submit Your Application

      • Be sure to check your email regularly. You will get a welcome email confirmation 1-2 weeks after you submit your application containing very important information (such as a confirmation code that you will need in the future). This message will be sent to the email address you provided when you registered with the CCCApply website.

      • Once you have been assigned a Mt. SAC identification number and username (provided in your Welcome Email), you will need to setup your Mt. SAC Portal in order to enroll for classes and view other important information.

      • Before you can register for classes, you must complete the enrollment process. Click through the buttons at the top of this page to learn about each step in the process.

      If you have questions about your application, contact our Admissions and Records office at (909) 274-4415 or visit Admissions online.

    • 2Step 2: Apply for Financial Aid

      International students do not qualify for federal or state financial aid, but there are many scholarships that you may apply for. Click here to learn more about scholarship opportunities at Mt. San Antonio College.

      Calculate Your Costs for College

      Mt. SAC provides a Net Price Calculator to help students estimate their college costs. The "net price" of college is the real price that a student pays -- the cost minus the financial aid awards you might qualify for. Our Net Price Calculator can help you estimate the true cost of attending college at Mt. SAC and give you an idea of the types of financial aid awards you qualify for. You can find out more about and use our Net Price Calculator here.

    • 3Step 3: Complete the Assessment Process


      Please contact the Assessment Center at (909) 274-4265 for more information about the assessment process.
    • 4Step 4: Attend Orientation

      Congratulations and welcome to Mt. San Antonio College! As a new Mt. SAC student, you are required to attend all three days of orientation. Failure to attend orientation may result in the cancellation of your I-20 Form.

      For international students, orientation is a 3-day session lead by our college counselors. It helps students get acquainted with our campus and college life in general.

      Orientation Details

      • Get one-on-one help from experienced Mt. SAC counselors.
      • Complete a plan for your first semester and learn how to keep your registration status up-to-date.
      • Meet other students and get acquainted with the Mt. SAC campus and college life.
      • Get help registering for classes.

      You can learn more about International Student Orientation here.

      Questions about orientation? Call (909) 274-4380.

    • 5Step 5: Get Counseling

      Before registering for classes, every Mt. San Antonio College student should have a first semester Mountie Academic Plan (MAP). International students meet with counselors during their orientation to develop their MAPs.

      Your MAP will help ensure that you take the classes that best fit your goals -- whether you want to earn your degree or certificate, advance your career, or transfer to a four-year university. During your 3-day international student orientation, you will have a one-on-one meeting with a counselor.

      Our counselor will discuss the different options and programs you might be interested in based on your goals, then help you determine what courses you need to take to achieve your goals.

      You can learn more about International Student Orientation here.

      Mt. SAC Counseling Services

      • We help students that are undecided about a major or career goal
      • We help assist in planning your educational and/or career goals
      • We help assist in choosing a university or college fo transfer
      • We help assist you with personal problems impacting your college success

      Visit the Mt. SAC Counseling page

    • 6Step 6: Register for Classes

      You must have attended all three days of international student orientation to register for classes. At the end of your orientation, you will complete an educational plan with one of our counselors and then register for classes. If you want to learn more about the registration process, visit our Registration Section.

      All students must pay their tuition and fees upon registering for classes, so be sure you are ready to do so when you register. If you don't pay your fees by the drop for non-payment deadline, you will be automatically dropped from your classes. Drop for non-payment deadlines are posted on the Mt. SAC Portal under the "Schedule/Receipt" tab. If you want to learn more about your fees, click the "Pay Fees" button at the top of this page.

    • 7Step 7: Pay Your Fees

      All tuition and fees must be paid for when you register for classes. Here are the basics about paying your tuition and fees. Learn more by reading about tuition and fees or how to pay online

      • You can pay fees online with a credit card (in your Mt. SAC Portal) or in person at the Bursar's Office (Building 4). Please note that your credit card must be a Visa, MasterCard or American Express.
      • If you pay online, be sure to print your Student Schedule/Receipt. It has important information and deadlines regarding refunds and dropping classes.
      • Deadlines for payment are posted in your Mt. SAC Portal on your Student Schedule/Receipt.
      • If you fail to pay for your classes by the designated deadlines, you may be dropped from those classes.
      • After paying fees, you can obtain your Student ID at the bookstore (Building 9A).

      For information regarding fee payment options and payment policies please visit the Bursar’s Office website or contact them by phone at (909) 274-4960.

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