Malcolm Rickard

Office Work

Professor Rickard has been a full-time faculty member at MtSAC since 2008. He began his college career at Santa Monica College where he settled on being a physics major.  He  In the early 1990's, Professor Rickard earned a BS in physics from SFSU and was a bicycle messenger in Chicago for a short time.  He still rides his bicycle to work regularly. 



Peace Corps From 1995-1997 professor Rickard served as a peace corps volunteer in West Africa.  He then earned a Master's Degree and a PhD in physics from the University of Colorado in 2005.  The title of his thesis was "Electrooptic Effects in Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals."



He has participated in the Faculty Association's  "Puttin' on the Hits" five

Puttin' on the Hits 2010 times and is the current advisor for the Society of Physics students.  He plays ultimate frisbee on weekends and lives in Diamond Bar with his wife and daughter