Wellness Center

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Find your answer right here, right now! For your convenience we've provided some of the more common questions here at your fingertips. Of course, if you don't see your specific question, you can always call the Wellness Center at 909-274-4625.

  • Q: What are your hours of operation?
    • A: The Wellness Center is open to the community and students Monday-Friday from 7:00 am - 3:00 pm and Monday-Thursday from 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm. Hours are subject to change during holidays.

  • Q: Where do I register for classes offered in the Wellness Center?
    • A: Registration is done online for all classes. Go to . Click on courses, under SPORTS AND FITNESS and the classes under ESWC Exercise. If you were a previous member of the ESWC, please log on with your username/password. If you need assistance please call the Community Education Office at (909)274-4220 (press 0 to bypass the recording).

  • Q: I would like to use free-weights. Does the Wellness Center have free-weights?
    • A: No, there are no free-weights at the Wellness Center. We have fixed weight machines, light dumbbells and kettlebells.
  • Q: Do you have to be a student to use the Wellness Center?