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Video Engineering

 Prepares students for jobs as Video Engineers in remote and studio television production, as well as related applications in film production. Includes training in video production and maintenance engineering as required for video engineers. 


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Design Lab
Design Lab

The Design Lab is equipped with everything you'll need for your coursework. Lab technicians and tutors are available to provide you with all the support you'll need outside the classroom.

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Standards, terminology, design, implementation, and troubleshooting techniques as they relate to both local and wide area networks. Emphasis on hardware and software components, network architecture, and data transmission methods. Of special interest to computer and network technicians and those seeking certification in A+, Network+, or other certifications.

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R-TV 41

Video engineering for television, video assist for film, and other electronic media. Covers the role of the video engineer in a variety of settings, signal recording and distribution, wiring video systems for remote and studio productions, troubleshooting, and working with live productions.
Video Engineering