Employment & Volunteer Opportunities

Disclaimer: Unless stated, Mt. SAC's Teacher Preparation Institute is not responsible for any listing on this site.  All postings are updated on a monthly basis and/or as needed.  It is the responsibility of the seeker to verify and apply to featured employment & volunteer positions.

    • HandshakeMt. SAC Career Center (job search engine)

      Mt. San Antonio College's Career Center is a great resource for students seeking employment opportunities, mock interviews, resume assistance, and more.  Visit the Career Center's website.

    • Edjoin LogoEdJoin - Jobs in Education (job search engine)
      Edjoin is the #1 Education Job Board in the nation for jobs in education and used by school districts throughout California.  You can find an array of job listings, e.g., credentialed teaching positions, instructional aide, tutoring, and many more.  Visit the website. 
    • Learning tree logoThe Learning Tree - Afterschool Teacher (paid: $16-$25 per hourd DOE)

      Paid Employment Opportunity at Learning Tree

    • Mt SAC Writing Center Tutor (paid position)

      Writing Center tutors/Tutors in the classroom (TCs) are hired on an ongoing, as-needed basis. Interested applicants may complete an electronic application or pick up a paper application at the Writing Center in Bldg. 26B, behind the big clock. The Writing Center may schedule an interview with the applicant based on completion of the employment packet and verification that the minimum qualifications have been met. Submission of an application packet does not guarantee an interview. For more details, you can also contact Nicole Blean at

      Writing Center Tutors work one-on-one with Mt. SAC students on various writing topics. The main responsibility of a writing tutor is to improve student writers' skills. In order to do this, tutors must be familiar with the writing process, writing strategies, research strategies, and grammar rules. Tutors will rely on tutoring methods learned in TUTR 10A and 10B to work with students.  (Students can receive paid training to earn a tutoring certificate, which will be a great addition to your teaching resume!)

      Tutors in the Classroom (TCs)are placed and work with a specific English professor and class. Their duties include one-on-one tutoring and group tutoring sessions for their class held in the Writing Center. Tutors also support group work in the classroom. Additionally, tutors in the classroom are expected to create group writing topics, and be familiar with the writing process, writing strategies, research strategies, grammar rules, and all course-specific materials.


      • A grade of "A" or "B" in English 1A or its equivalent at another institution
      • Completion of at least one semester of college course work
      • An overall GPA of 3.0 or higher
      • Enrolled in 6 units during the fall and spring semesters
      • Two faculty recommendations on writing ability and people skills.
      • Required Experience: at least one semester of tutoring writing (for TCs only)

      For complete application information, visit

    • Mt SAC Planetarium (Paid)

      Paid position at Mt SAC Planetarium

      Do you have a passion for STEM subjects and working with kids from a variety of ages?
      The planetarium is hiring!  Duties would include setting up for field trip students who visit the Mt SAC campus, teaching about important principals of rocketry, demonstrating how to build a paper rocket, helping groups launch their rockets safely, and other misc duties when there is no field trip groups.

      No previous astronomy experience required.  Traning on the job.

      Apply online at Mountie CareerSource!
      Hours: Thurs/Friday 8:30 a.m - 12:30 p.m. & one Friday per month from 7:00 - 11:00 p.m.
      Pay rate: $15.50 per hour

      If you have any questions, contact:
      Heather Rookhuyzen, Mt. SAC-Randall Planetarium Manager:

    • lusd step up tutoringLAUSD Step Up Tutoring (volunteer)

      Volunteers will help a Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) student improve academically by cultivating their interest in learning. Participating students are 3rd - 6th graders from underserved communities.

      Per LAUSD request, all tutors must complete a Live Scan background check.*

      Tutor Responsibilities
      - Conduct lessons online
      - Coordinate scheduling with the student’s family via text
      - Commit to a 3-month period meeting twice a week
      - Provide weekly feedback to the student’s teacher

      Tutor Requirements
      - Bachelor’s Degree (or in progress) – community college students are also accepted
      - 18 years of age or older
      - Residing in California (for Live Scan purposes)
      - Tech-savvy, organized, energetic and committed
      - Strong communication and interpersonal skills
      - Solid internet access
      - Fingerprinting background check (Live Scan)
      - Enjoy working with kids!

      Onboarding Process

      1. Volunteer applies online
      2. Volunteer completes a 15 min interview
      3. Conditionally accepted volunteers begin training and fingerprinting
        1. 2-3 self-paced online modules
        2. 1 hour live training
        3. Fingerprinting
      4. Volunteer tutor is matched with a student.

      *Students who attend the Wednesday, March 3rd information session will qualify for the reimbursement of live scan fees.

    • tpi buddyTPI Buddy Program (volunteer for busy individuals with limited available time)
      TPI Buddy Program

      Sign up today at TPI Buddy Application

      Questions? Contact: TPI Staff at

      What is TPI Buddy?  TPI Buddy program is informal mentorship that TPI students offers to Mt SAC students. Mentees include ESL students, new MT SAC students and anyone who enjoys having a friendly buddy on campus.

      TPI students = TPI Buddies.  Starting Fall 2021, all TPI students are expected to participate in at least 2 hours of TPI Buddy mentor activity and one ambassador activity per semester. Spring 2022 activities are held virtually or in-person.

      TPI Buddy =  ambassador.  Please promote TPI and upcoming TPI orientations in your class(es) and in the MT SAC community. The flyer for orientation and info sheet will be provided for you.

      TPI Buddy mentor activities. You will be paired with an ESL mentee and help with their English questions and building their conversational skills and/or run ESL workshops. All TPI students are asked to join TPI Canvas Hub@

      Run workshop for ESL Students! Want to run one hour virtual workshop for ESL students on things textbooks don't teach them? Possible topics: Internet slang, music, movie, everyday idioms. TPI provides you with a template you can use to create a fun and casual workshop.

    • Walnut Valley Unified School District after school program volunteering

      Walnut Valley Unified School District is currently seeking after school program volunteers for the 2022-2023 school year who can help ELD (English Language Development) students with their homework.

      The knowledge of Spanish, Mandarin and Cantonese is a plus. Volunteers need to be available at least 1-2 days a week throughout Fall 2022 and Spring 2023.

      This is an on-site, in-person program.

      Walnut High School (currently seeking Spanish speaking tutors)
      Tuesdays and/or Thursdays - 11:20 to 12:00
      Mondays, Tuesdays, or Thursdays - After school - 3:30 to 4:30

      Diamond Bar High School from 3:30 to 4:30 (weekday)

      Prior to commencing services, a volunteer is required to complete all of the following:

      The WVUSD Application Package is available
      a. Submit a completed application each school year
      b. Provide a copy of a California Driver’s License or California I.D.
      c. Provide proof of full COVID-19 Vaccination
      d. Clear Tuberculosis test (good for 4 years) Fees paid by applicant (Mt. SAC Health Center offers TB testing)
      e. Undergo a background check using Megan’s Law each school year. Verify under Megan’s Law website that the volunteer is not a registered sex offender. No fees. (This process takes approximately one week)

      1) Sign up on the Google form, 2) complete the application package, and 3) email it to Jenny Kwan-Hata, ELD Program Specialist: