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(updated 1/9/24)
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Steps for New Students

What are the admission requirements? How do I apply? See the Admissions website

Is there an application fee? What is the cost of tuition and fees? There is no application fee. Please view our calculator website for more information about the costs associated with attending Mt. SAC. Make sure to apply for the FAFSA financial aid. 

Are there specific programs or majors available? When students can identify a career goal early on in their educational journey, they are more likely to complete on time and succeed. Please visit our Guided Pathways page. 

Are there placement tests? No, however we do recommend taking the Assessment Questionairre (AQ) to receive recommendations for transfer-level courses.

Can I visit the campus? Yes! Please visit our Campus Tour website. 

Returning Students

If you have skipped 2 major semesters in a row, for example Spring 2023 and Fall 2022 and you wish to resume classes at Mt SAC in FALL 2023, please reapply to Mt SAC. You will receive an email in 5-10 business days with a welcome letter and your student account info and how to access the portal. For more details, see Returning Students.


Key Departments to Contact

  • Contact Admissions and Records for any questions about when you register, how to register - (909) 274-4415 or email at:
  • Contact Counseling for any questions about which classes to take - (909) 274-4380 or email at:
  • Contact Financial Aid for questions about grants and fee waivers – (909) 274-4450 or email at:
  • Campus Directory link

Course Enrollment Questions

How are online classes run? 

  • Students will use Canvas to access their online classes.  Some classes have specific days and times but are still conducted in a remote learning environment.  Students must log on to take these classes at the specific days and times listed for the course.  If the class is 100% online/web-based (asynchronous,) students will access Canvas to learn about course requirements, assignments, exams, grading policies. See Canvasadors for support with Canvas at Mt. SAC.
      • Synchronous (class meets at specific days/times but online)
      • Asynchronous (class is completely online—student logs on and reads/submits assignments/takes tests all online at their own time. Syllabus will list deadlines.)
      • Hybrid: parts of the class are in person, parts of the class are online

My classes are online, but can I still get help studying?

  • Tutoring and Library is also open with a wide variety of services. For those who study late, Tutors are available then too!  

I’m not sure whether to continue to take online classes … I haven’t done very well in them.  I’m afraid of getting bad grades or losing my financial aid.

  • Talk to us! Counselors are available!! You can call, chat IM, video, even quick chats - make an appointment with your preferred method.
  • We know it is difficult and confusing. Speak with a counselor in the Counseling Center or a specialist/advisor in Financial Aid.
  • We encourage students to take at least 1-2 courses.
  • There is help available in taking online courses!

The Classes I Want Are Full. What Do I Do Now? Don’t Give Up. Here are some actions you can take to get that class you need.

1. Wait List: 

  •  The wait list feature allows students to add their name to a list of students waiting to enroll in a full or closed class before classes begin.
  • There are limited number of waitlist slots per class section.
  • Being on a Wait List DOES NOT enroll students in a class.
  •  Once you are on the wait list you will be notified via your Mt. SAC email account when an opening is available and given 72 hours to enroll in the course. After that time limit expires, you will be removed from the Wait List. Check your portal daily for your status. You can find further information regarding the Wait List in the current online Class Schedule.
  • If the Wait List is full, you must go to the class to try to obtain an add code.

2. Adding a Closed/Full Class:

  • To add the class, you must attend the first class meeting and obtain an Add Authorization Code from the instructor.
  • Please note: students on wait lists will be added before walk-in students. Being on a wait list does not guarantee you will be given an Add Authorization Code. You must attend the first class meeting.
  • For online classes, you should communicate with the instructor through email.
  • Your instructor will ask you for your Mt. SAC registration appointment printout of your assigned date and time, along with a picture ID.
  • You must be eligible (have the appropriate prerequisite) for the class. If the course has a required prerequisite, obtain a
    Proof of Eligibility Form from the appropriate Division Office or Admissions and Records prior to attending the class you wish to add. Prerequisites will be checked by the system at the time you register for the class. If you are blocked from registering for a class and believe that you do possess the appropriate prerequisite, or if you have a question regarding the prerequisite, call Admissions (909) 274- 4415 for assistance.
  • If you receive an Add Authorization Code from the instructor (note the expiration date), add the class online from your portal #4 Add/Drop Class.

3. Dropping a Class:

  • Drop classes online in your portal, Student Self Service #4 Add/Drop Class. Verify your drops by printing your #11 Schedule/Receipt.
  • See your #11 Schedule/Receipt for important deadlines related to dropping classes, refunds, grading options.
  • Don’t forget to drop the classes you don’t want/need. Not dropping can leave you with an “F” grade or owing money.

Grading Options: How does Pass/No Pass work? 

  • Students are able to change their grading options from receiving a letter grade (A, B, C, D, F) to receiving either a P (Pass) or NP (No Pass)
    1. For courses that allow P/NP on the Course Outline of Record students can change their grading options from a letter grade to a P/NP. The timeline varies by CRN.
    2. Students should check whether the classes they are taking are eligible for P/NP in their portal.
    3. Students can choose their grading option by signing into the Mt. SAC Portal, clicking on the Student tab, and then choosing “#5 Change Class Grading Option.” Only eligible classes will allow students to change from “Letter Grade” to “Pass/No Pass.”
          • “Pass” [A, B, C] or NP – “No Pass” [D, F] ​
          • The deadline date for full term (16-week classes) is ​printed on your Schedule/Receipt. See portal, "Student Self Service #11."
  • Students should discuss the P/NP grading options with a counselor to make sure they are making the best decision based on their major and transfer goals. To make an appointment call (909) 274-4380, or for Online Counseling (email or video counseling). 
To Withdraw or Not Withdraw?  (Info Sheet)


How do I get my refund? How do I get my financial aid money?

  • Students who withdraw (within provided deadlines) from a class for which they paid enrollment fees, will have those fees automatically refunded. Refunds will be sent to students through their selected refund preference with BankMobile Disbursements, a technology solution, powered by BMTX, Inc. If you have not selected your preference, go to the Cashier’s Office website for more directions. 
  • See #11 Print Student Schedule/Receipt for drop deadlines. This can be found under Student Self Service in student portal.


I don’t know how to get on Canvas / I need help with Canvas. I need help with Zoom.

I don’t have a computer or WiFi. How can I complete my courses?

  • Need a laptop and/or Wi-Fi access? Our Laptop Loans Program is open.  
    • Students can sign up to receive a loaner laptop and mifi (wi-fi access).
    • After signing up for a day/time appointment, students will be notified of the location to pick up the laptop and mi-fi.
    • Students are to return the equipment if they are no longer enrolled.


  • Students should immediately apply for Financial Aid.  Staff are available to help you to apply! 
    Just call:  (909) 274-4450 or email them at:
  • Several times a year, Financial Aid office offers Late Night hours to assist you.
  • It's actually not too late to apply, even if the school year has begun.
  • You can check the status of your financial aid on your Mt. SAC student portal and submit any required documents electronically. If you have general questions or need assistance, please email
  • Financial aid funds are deposited to students’ selected refund preference with BankMobile Disbursements, a technology solution, powered by BMTX, Inc., unless other arrangements have been made.


How do I get my books? Where do I order my Textbooks? Please place orders at Mt. SAC Bookstore
You may also be interested in the Associated Students Book Scholarship


Student ID Cards

How do I get my Student ID Card?  The Sac Book Rac, Mt. SAC’s bookstore provides these.  


Transfer Information

How can I get assistance with other questions and future applications?

  • The Transfer Center staff is available to assist you by phone, email, Zoom appointment, online workshops, and drop-in during Virtual Transfer Center hours. Contact the Transfer Center

Support for Students


Does Mt SAC have food pantries?

What other support services are available?

  • Mt. SAC has many support services available – if you know the specific program you are looking for, see Student Services Directory
  • If you want to speak with a counselor, click here

Specialized Student Services


What do I need to know if I'm a student (Veteran/Dependent/Active Duty) using GI Bill© Benefits?

  • If you have questions about your specific circumstance(s), ), please contact a VRC staff member at 909-274-4520 or please email the Mt. SAC VRC at Students may also contact the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Education Call Center at: 1-888-442-4551
  • If you are directly affected by the COVID-19 (coronavirus), have a VBA benefit debt and need temporary financial relief, please contact the VA's Debt Management Center at 1-800-827-0648 to request assistance.


I am a Foster Youth attending Mt. SAC and would like to know the status of my Chafee grant.

  • The Chafee grant is processed by the REACH program at Mt. SAC. It is a check given to eligible students twice per year in the Fall and Spring semesters. The Chafee Grant will not appear under your Financial Aid tab in your Mt. SAC portal, therefore to find out the status of the award or if you are eligible for it you may visit or you can also contact the REACH office. You may contact the REACH program by using one of the following:
  • REACH Text hotline 909-529-1214
  • REACH Web Form:
  • Email Jeze Lopez:

Health and Mental Health

What if I don’t feel well? Can I still go to the Health Center?

  • Student Health Services is here for you! Although the health clinics are not open to see students, please contact them for any questions or concerns about your physical health and your emotional health. You can call them directly at 909-274-4400. There are nurses and mental health professionals available to talk to you. If you have your own doctor and medical plan, please contact them immediately if you do not feel well – especially if you have a high fever and feel exhausted with difficulty breathing. If you do not have a medical provider, please contact the Student Health Center so that we can provide immediate assistance.
  • If you test positive for COVID-19 using our campus testing sites, you will be contacted by our Contact Tracers. If you test positive outside of our campus testing, please email our Contact Tracers immediately and they will guide you through protocol. | 909-274-6900

We care about you!

Please let us know if we can be of support in any way.
Here are additional resources:

Crisis Information Lines
Locate all other help lines

Mt. SAC Basic Needs


ACCESS Students

What is ACCESS?

  • ACCESS (Accessibility Resource Centers for Students) is a special program to assist students with disabilities to succeed in an academic environment. Specialized services are available to support students in reaching their goals.

How do I become an ACCESS student?

  • After applying to Mt. SAC and obtaining your username, password and student ID#, use that same information to log into the MyACCESS account and submit an online application for services. Documentation of a verified disability is also required. See Steps to Become an ACCESS StudentAn appointment with a counselor is required to officially establish services (AQ and Orientation completion required).



Transcripts with current term/session grades will be available no later than the second week of the closing term. However, every effort will be made to make them available as soon as possible. If an instructor submits grades late, this will delay their availability. You should check accuracy of your records by viewing your unofficial transcript inside the student portal before requesting transcripts.

The school/work does not accept electronic transcripts, How long will it take them to receive them if I ask them to be mailed?

  • Currently we don’t have a consistent mail delivery option to either receive incoming and to process outgoing mail. Please refer to the fees and processing time on the transcripts page.

I’m trying to add an online course that is full (waitlist too). How can I add when it starts?

  • Please email the professor of the class you are trying to add. If there is room when the class has started the professor should email you an add code so that you may add the class.

How do I get information about non-credit courses?

How can I check the status of my academic renewal so that I can request transcripts?

  • Go to, log in to your portal and under the Student tab go to #18 View Unofficial transcripts. If academic renewal has been processed it will have a "z" symbol next to the grade then you can request transcripts.

How do I change my mailing address?

  • Go to, log in to your portal and under #33 you will be able to change your mailing address.

After taking the AQ it indicates I take the placement test. How do I do that?

  • Due to the Governor's stay-home order, the campus is closed so we are unable to administer the placement test. I suggest you speak to a counselor who can best advise you on your next step.

Counseling appointments are held over phone, email-based, or video counseling. (This is to enforce social distancing) For over-the-phone appointments, schedule through our Online appointment scheduler, or call either (909) 274-4380; For Online Counseling (email based or video counseling).

How do I know if Admissions received the transcript I submitted and if they have been evaluated and I'm clear to take a class?

  • Students wishing to know whether or not their official transcripts have been received and processed from another institution should visit the portal and click on “Unofficial Transcripts.” Once transcripts have been processed by the Office of Admission and Records Office the student can view both the transfer units they’ve been awarded and courses for which they’ve been given credit.

Where can I obtain tax information and information regarding the VITA program?