RSCO of the Year

RSCO of the Year 21-22

The Recognized Student Club/Organization (RSCO) of the Year award was created to highlight the most active and impactful RSCO on campus. RSCOs who are active both in the Fall and Spring (each academic year) can compete for the award. RSCOs can earn points for the following (review ICC Constitution for breakdown of potential points earned):  
  • ICC Meeting Attendance
  • Join-A-Club Participation
  • Volunteer Opportunities 
  • Collaboration Opportunities (with Associated Students and/or another RSCO)
  • Events held by each RSCO
  • RSCO of the Year PowerPoint presentation*
Volunteer Opportunities
RSCOs can earn 5 points per day and must commit to a minimum of 3 consecutive hours within the same day (15 points max per semester). Volunteer work must be approved by ICC advisor, volunteer events hosted by an RSCO must be either events or used as volunteer points, they cannot count towards both. To gain RSCO of the Year points, RSCOs will need to submit proof of volunteering to Julia Walker by emailing by 12/15/23 (for fall 2023) and  5/17/24 (for spring 2024) @ 11:59pm.
Collaboration Opportunities 
RSCOs can earn collaboration points by collaborating with another RSCO and/or Associated Students by hosting an event/meeting together. To gain collaboration points, please complete the Collaboration Form (see RSCO Forms and Advisor Resources) and email it to Julia Walker by emailing by 12/15/23 (for fall 2023) and  5/17/24 (for spring 2024) @ 11:59pm. If possible, please add a flyer and/or screenshot of the event/meeting to show proof that it occurred. 
Breakdown of potential collaboration opportunity points:
  • Collaboration with another RSCO
    • 15 points max per semester (1 collaboration = 15 points)
  • Collaboration with Associated Students
    • 15 points max per semester (1 collaboration = 15 points)
*RSCO of the Year PowerPoint Presentation Instructions:
  1. Create a PowerPoint presentation that explains why your RSCO should be voted RSCO of the Year. Make sure the presentation does not exceed ten (10) slides.
  2. Email your presentation to by May 10, 2024 at 4:00 p.m.
  3. Present your RSCO’s PowerPoint in 5 minutes or less at the last ICC meeting. All RSCOs that submit their presentations by the deadline will be listed on a ballot. All active  ICC Representatives will vote for their choice for RSCO of the Year at this final meeting.
*Note: Only 1 submission is allowed, altering or updating presentations after it has been accepted will not be allowed or eligible for review.
Student Leadership and Advisor Awards
The winner will be announced at the Student Leadership and Advisor Awards ceremony. The winning RSCO will receive a $1,000 monetary award (deposited to the RSCO’s account through Fiscal Services). 

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