Inter-Club Council Agendas and Minutes

The purpose of ICC is to promote communication and cooperation between RSCOs. The Inter-Club Council (ICC) consist of two Co-Chairs, an ICC Secretary (if appointed), an ICC Senator (or A.S. Representative), and one ICC Representative for each RSCO. ICC strives to do the following:

  • Provide a communication network between RSCOs;
  • Act as a resource for RSCOs particularly in the areas of organization, problem solving, promotion, and fundraising;
  • Maintain participation and support of A.S. sponsored events;
  • Provide a forum for expressing the interests of RSCOs.

The Agenda provides a description of items we will discuss at the ICC meeting and is posted with the Minutes, 72 hours prior to each meeting in accordance with the Ralph M. Brown Act. The Minutes, or meeting notes, provides a detailed description of what ICC discussed at the previous meeting. These Minutes will need to be approved at the following ICC meeting.