Collegewide Committees

Student Committee Members 

Mt. SAC students are encouraged to participate in the governance of the College by serving on various college committees. Within these committees, many important decisions are made that affect students on campus; it is important that students have a voice as these decisions are made. The Associated Student’s President has the authority to appoint student representatives to serve on college committees, task forces and other governance groups. 

Responsibilities of being on a College Committee
  • Offer opinions and make recommendations to the administration of the College and to the Board of Trustees.
  • Attend all committee meetings
  • Give an oral report to the Senate within one week of each committee meeting to keep the Senate informed of issues discussed at each meeting.
  • Submit a Committee Attendance Tracking Form to the A.S. Administrative Specialist before finals. 
General Requirements  
  • Must be enrolled in at least 5 units and maintain a 2.0 semester GPA.
  • Pay the Student Activities Fee of $15 each semester
  • Have no discipline record on file with the college
  • Complete a College Committee application
  • Be appointed by the A.S. President
Next Steps 

If you would like to apply to be on a College Committee, please visit Applications and Forms 
For a detailed list of College Committees, please visit the Committee List

College Committee Application

Use this form to apply to serve on a College Committee as a Student Representative. 

Apply for a College Wide Committee Here