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Student Learning Outcomes

Discipline: Industrial Design Engineering Certificate: Industrial Design Engineering - Level I- L0327
Course Name Course Number
Design Foundation - Visual Literacy IDE 110
  • Students will be able to sketch simple three dimensional forms in correct one and two-point perspective
  • Students will be able to construct a simple sketch model in foam core or similar appropriate material, using form development principles.
Design Foundation II IDE 150
  • Students will be able to use appropriate typography and color theory principles and tools effectively
  • Student will be able to develop and construct a sketch model to meet specific criteria at a specific dimensional scale
  • Students will be able to organize various elements in a useful and visually appealing way using the Gestalt principles of design
Intermediate CAD IDE 160
  • Students will be able to create 3D models and the necessary views for production.
  • Students will be able to develop drawings using parametric solid modeling technology.
Introduction to CAD IDE 120
  • Select correct primary view and create a fully dimensioned print according to drafting standards and best practices.
  • Students will be able to create CAD drawings and 3D models using given specifications.
  • Create an efficient sketch using correct origin placement, geometric relations, and symmetry.
Introduction to Prototyping IDE 170
  • Students will be able to construct prototype models using common prototyping methods and technologies.
  • Students will be able to generate a tool path sufficient to cut out a part profile using a CNC router
Introduction to Shop Processes IDE 130
  • 70% of students will pass all safety tests with 90% or greater
  • Students will accurately produce specified 3D physical prototype objects using hand and power tools.
  • Students will translate CAD plans into hand-built physical parts.