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Student Learning Outcomes

Discipline: Certificate: Hospitality: Restaurant Management - Level II - E0343
Course Name Course Number Objectives
Cultural and Ethnic Foods NF 28
  • Students completing NF 28 - Cultural and Ethnic Foods will be able to analyze how food is used culturally and symbolically in holiday and religious ceremonies throughout the world.
  • Students completing NF 28 - Cultural and Ethnic Foods will be able to identify the core foods, flavor principles, traditional foods, special occasion foods, and therapeutic foods used in each culture studied.
Dining Room Service Management CUL 114
  • Identify food safety and sanitation practices within a food service establishment.
  • Differentiate between the various styles of service including: American (Pre-plated), English (Family), Russian (Platter), French (Gueridon).
Food Safety and Sanitation HRM 52
  • Identify foodborne pathogen, their sources, and resulting illnesses, and symptoms.
  • Determine the presence of foodborne-illness outbreak.
Hospitality Cost Control HRM 57
  • Analyze the operational and cost control performance of a restaurant.
Introduction to Hospitality HRM 51
  • Identify recognized hospitality leaders and analyze their leadership styles identifying key qualities, philosophies, or experiences associated with success in the field.
  • Describe opportunities for entry and advancement in the hospitality field and develop a career portfolio.
Menu Planning HRM 61
  • Analyze the popularity and profitability of a menu.
  • Calculate the recipe cost of an entire menu.
Professional Cooking I CUL 102
  • Plan a food production schedule and assemble the tools, equipment, and ingredients required to produce a recipe in an organized and efficient manner.
  • Recipe knowledge, accuracy and execution: Follow recipe procedures to produce food at the appropriate temperature, consistency, texture, flavor, and in a timely manner.