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Student Learning Outcomes

Discipline: Certificate: Animation - Junior Animator Level I - E0414
Course Name Course Number
Character Development ANIM 116
  • Create five point character turnarounds.
  • Develop a cohesive cast of characters.
  • Outcome/Objective Students will be able to demonstrate a clear understanding of rendering a basic character, of their choice, with consistency.
  • Outcome/Objective Students will be able to create a model sheets for each of their own characters.
  • Develop and render characters on-model.
  • Create drawings exploring a variety of facial expressions.
  • Render character emotions through body posing.
  • Produce character comparison charts.
Digital Paint and Ink ANIM 100
  • Export digital content for use in other software programs.
  • Synthesize painting and drawing techniques to create stylized artwork.
  • Demonstrate the use of digital drawing tools for both bitmap and vector software.
  • Use Bezier paths to digitally ink vector graphic drawings.
  • Create drawings and paintings using custom brush libraries.
Drawing - Gesture and Figure ANIM 101A
  • Students will be able to use line to create the illusion of three-dimensional form through use of cross contour and construction.
  • MO 5. Execute drawings demonstrating communicative potential of the human figure.
  • MO 4. Create drawings that incorporate drapery and costume.
  • MO 3. Develop quick study drawing skills.
  • MO 2. Create drawings that use human proportions.
  • MO 1. Create drawings that capture gesture.
Principles of Animation ANIM 108
  • Create drawings that convey action in terms of movement, emotion, attitude, and expression.
  • Render basic animation movements for characters or objects while applying the mechanics and timing of squash and stretch, key poses, secondary actions, follow through, staging, overlapping action and weight.
  • Outcome/Objective Students will be able to render fluid "arc" movements for a falling leaf.
  • Outcome/Objective Students will be able to render fluid "squash and stretch" movements for a bouncing ball.
  • Anim 108 students will be able to successfully execute the "Principles of Animation."
  • Draw to present story points or ideas completely and clearly through staging.
  • Apply action analysis and observations to animated drawings.
Storyboarding ANIM 115
  • Outcome/ Objective Students will be able to identify the formal elements of story.
  • Outcome/ Objective Students will be able to create storyboards that show continuity between shots.
  • Sketch key emotions and body language.
  • Render effective storyboard panels including notation.
  • Synthesize the theme (premise) of a story.
  • Analyze a story's potential for animation.
  • Identify the elements of a story.