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Student Learning Outcomes

Discipline: Arts - CEA: Graphic Design and Illustration
Course Name Course Number
Conceptual Illustration ARTC 169
  • Students will present a portfolio representative of their ability to communicate visually through illustration demonstrating the use of composition, contemporary art trends, and cultural, social, and visual language.
Creative Design and Compositing ARTC 220
  • Produce realistic-looking Photoshop composites.
Dynamic Sketching ARTC 163
  • Students will present a sketchbook portfolio representing a breadth of sketching techniques and represented by a minimum of 65 completed pages.
  • Students will be able to apply 3-dimensional and freehand perspective techniques to sketching.
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to apply light logic and tone to form and texture in sketches.
  • Students will demonstrate synthesis in the use of line, shape, volume, light, and texture in quick-sketch.
  • Students will demonstrate compositional integrity in the application of sketching concepts and techniques.
Fundamentals of Graphic Design ARTC 100
  • ARTC 100 students will produce composites in Photoshop using effective selection techniques and non-destructive editing.
Graphic Design Internship ARTC 299
  • Self-assess knowledge and skills gained though the work experience.
Illustration ARTC 165
  • ARTC 165 students will be able to describe the history of illustration and its application to various fields.
  • Synthesize the formal art elements and principles of design with illustration skills and techniques in varying pictorial formats that range from simple to complex.
  • Discuss, analyze, and evaluate personal and professional illustration projects in both written and oral critiques.
  • ARTC 165 students will be able to demonstrate the ability to evaluate peer work via written critiques.
  • Develop skill in the use of tools and materials, which are common to the field.
  • Describe the history of illustration and its application to various disciplines.
  • Create original illustrations that interpret the visual world.
Motion Graphics, Compositing and Visual Effects ARTC 272
  • Produce motion graphics that meet industry creative standards.
Portfolio ARTC 290
  • Create a professional-quality, online portfolio.
Print Design and Advertising ARTC 120
  • Prepare digital files for print.
Typography ARTC 160
  • Employ appropriate methods and technology to produce original letterforms and type styles.
Vector Design and Illustration ARTC 140
  • Design and produce information graphics.
Visual Development ARTC 167
  • Students will present a visual development portfolio representing the successful application of the synthesis of story, style, character, location, emotion, symbology, and composition.
Web Design ARTC 200
  • Design effective web site prototypes.