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Student Learning Outcomes

Course Name: Theater for Young Audiences - Performance
Course Number: THTR 60A
  • Develop the ability to repeat performances accurately and consistency.
  • Increase ability to creatively collaborate with other students through production meetings and performances.
  • Develop flexibility as an actor by learning and performing at least two different roles within a production.
  • Develop adaptability as an actor by performing in different venues.
  • Students completing THTR 60 will identify traits of the kindergarten through 3rd grade audience, and formulate a set of basic acting skills which will appeal to that audience.
  • Students who complete THTR 60 will demonstrate the discipline, focus, and commitment necessary to successfully perform a play repeatedly over a period of several weeks.
  • Develop reliability as a team member by meeting all rehearsal and development deadlines.
  • Increase vocal and physical communication skills through frequent performances throughout the semester