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Student Learning Outcomes

Course Name: Theatrical Costuming
Course Number: THTR 19
  • Evaluate costume designs
  • Measure the human body for purchasing clothing, renting and constructing costumes.
  • Estimate the necessary yardage for costume construction.
  • Sketch the human body for costume rendering.
  • Students who complete THTR 19 will be able to render an appropriate costume design.
  • Students who complete THTR 19 will be able to build a costume using a commercial pattern and sewing machine.
  • Identify the Theatrical chain of command.
  • Distinguish the job responsibilities of all areas related to theatrical costuming.
  • Analyze a play script or dance to assess both character and costuming needs.
  • Evaluate costume items in theater area stock and rental companies for appropriate usage in theatrical productions
  • Distinguish silhouettes of individual periods to create accurate costumes.
  • Integrate historical research methods to create accurate costume designs.
  • Create costume design concepts.
  • Estimate costume budget needs.