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Student Learning Outcomes

Course Name: Comprehensive Pulmonary Assessment
Course Number: RESD 114
Course Objectives:
  • SLO: Given arterial blood gas data, the student will be able to determine the patient’s acid base status.
  • Students will correctly identify the electrocardiographic rhythm in a 6-second electrocardiogram strip.
  • MO: Create a patient care plans.
  • MO: Select appropriate therapy based on patient assessment data.
  • Students will be able to interpret physical examination data relative to the cardiopulmonary system.
  • Students will be able to analyze and apply laboratory date and recommend appropriate care.
  • Students will be able to interpret arterial blood gas results.
  • SLO: Given patient assessment data, create an assessment statement and treatment plan.
  • MO: Locate the topographic position of thoracic landmarks on a diagram of the
  • MO: Describe the causes and characteristics of common cardiopulmonary symptoms.
  • MO: Interpret arterial blood gas data.
  • MO: Analyze patient data and determine the related pathophysiology.