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Student Learning Outcomes

Course Name: Analysis and Critical Reading
Course Number: READ 100
Course Objectives:
  • Faculty will examine and determine consistent and effective approaches to teaching Word Concept Mapping to READ 100 students.
  • LAC students will increase their confidence level as students.
  • Students will be able to identify and answer questions at all four Levels of Comprehension.
  • 5. Students will be able to question multi-disciplinary texts at a variety of comprehension levels.
  • 6. Students will be able have awareness of the demands of various multi-disciplinary texts.
  • 3. Students will be able to use vocabulary strategies appropriate for multi-disciplinary texts.
  • 4. Students will be able to recognize connections among ideas in multi-disciplinary texts.
  • 1. Students will be able to explain their own schemata for approaching multi-discipline texts.
  • 2. Students will be able to use structural organization to explain multi-disciplinary texts.