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Student Learning Outcomes

Course Name: Principles of Fire and Emergency Services Safety and Survival
Course Number: FIRE 13
  • Discuss how incorporating the lessons learned from investigations can support cultural change throughout the emergency services. (MO)
  • Explain standardized policies for responding to emergency scenes can minimize injuries and deaths. (MO)
  • Evaluate the need for counseling and psychological support for emergency services personnel and, their families. (MO)
  • Identify access to local psychological resources and services. (MO)
  • Discuss the importance of code enforcement in residential structures. (MO)
  • Define and describe the need for cultural and behavioral change within the emergency services relating to safety, incorporating leadership, supervision, accountability and personal responsibility. (MO)
  • Explain the need for enhancements of personal and organizational accountability for health and safety. (MO)
  • Describe and evaluate circumstances that might constitute an unsafe act. (MO)
  • Defend the need for annual medical evaluations and the establishment of physical fitness criteria for emergency services personnel throughout their careers. (MO)
  • Explain the national emergency services worker fatality problem, and the history of the 16-firefighter life safety initiatives.
  • Identity the national training standards as they correlate to professional development in leadership, supervision, and personal responsibility.
  • Identify the major causes of firefighter's line of duty deaths and injuries in the United States. (SLO)
  • Identify the means of preventing firefighter's deaths and injuries through the prevention of fires. (SLO)