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Student Learning Outcomes

Course Name: Discrete Mathematics Applied to Computer Science
Course Number: CSCI 190
Course Objectives:
  • Use Prim’s algorithm to find a spanning tree of minimum weight. Caution: there may be more rows in the table than the number of edges required to construct a spanning tree. The vertices are labeled A, B, C, D, …H, and the numbers on the edges are the weights.
  • x^ 5 <- -> 2(mod13)
  • Utilize the appropriate mathematical tool in algorithm design
  • Define problems in mathematical terms using the language of sets, logic, arithmetic, combinatorics
  • Compose proofs using truth tables or predicate calculus
  • Develop algorithms using recursion
  • Utilize modular arithmetic and integer arithmetic in problem solving with computers
  • Demonstrate elementary counting techniques
  • Solve problems using mathematical induction
  • Utilize the language of graphs in problem solving and algorithm design
  • Classify problems according to mathematical aspect that is relevant to it
  • Utilize discrete probability for practical problems.