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Student Learning Outcomes

Course Name: Drawing: Beginning
Course Number: ARTD 15A
  • Create original drawings, which demonstrate the capacity to perceive, comprehend, and interpret the three-dimensional visual world using dry media in a variety of techniques, which include stipple, line, and hatching.
  • Discuss, analyze, and evaluate personal works of art and that of contemporary and historical artists by using appropriate art-specific terminology for content, technique, and style in both written and oral critiques.
  • Students will demonstrate their understanding of fundamental illusions of three dimensional forms on a two dimensional plane by locating the eye level and vanishing points in examples of perspective boxes.
  • Utilize original and creative thinking in projects and writings.
  • Utilize quick study drawing skills through visual notes and personal studies as a basis for planning larger extended works of art.
  • Utilize quick study techniques to develop extended drawings.
  • Utilize the principles of composition in objective and subjective analysis of historical and contemporary works of visual art.
  • Synthesize the formal art elements and principles with the observed world in varying compositional formats.
  • Students will successfully demonstrate the application of measuring\/sighting from observation to solve creating the illusion of a three dimensional still life on two dimensional surface