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Student Learning Outcomes

Course Name: Principles of Animation
Course Number: ANIM 108
Course Objectives:
  • Apply action analysis and observations to animated drawings.
  • Outcome/Objective Students will be able to render fluid "squash and stretch" movements for a bouncing ball.
  • Outcome/Objective Students will be able to render fluid "arc" movements for a falling leaf.
  • Render basic animation movements for characters or objects while applying the mechanics and timing of squash and stretch, key poses, secondary actions, follow through, staging, overlapping action and weight.
  • Create drawings that convey action in terms of movement, emotion, attitude, and expression.
  • Draw to present story points or ideas completely and clearly through staging.
  • Apply critical thinking skills to problem solve visual design problems
  • Anim 108 students will be able to successfully execute the "Principles of Animation."