The Photo Program supports two outfitted darkrooms. The Beginning Darkroom houses 28 fully equipped 35mm enlarger stations and film processing stations. The Advanced Darkroom supports advanced professional and alternative processing classes with medium and large format enlargers and individual processing darkrooms.

Darkrooms are only available to students currently enrolled in a Mt Sac Photography darkroom -based class, and are not open to the public to rent.

Classes regularly scheduled in the Darkrooms include:

  • Photo 10 Basic Digital and Film Photography
  • Photo 11A Intermediate Photography
  • Photo 12 Photographic Alternatives
  • and others on assignment.

Safety Data Sheets

Glacial Acetic Acid   L-76R Powder Film Developer    New CCR 2019 Print Ready   Odorless Fixer   Photo Flo 200 Solution   Powder Paper Developer


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