Tiffany Kuo

Dr. Tiffany Kuo
BA—Music, Stanford University
BS— Biological Science, Stanford University
MM— Piano Performance, Juilliard School
Ph.D.— Musicology, New York University
Professor: Keyboard Skills, Music Literature Survey
Department Chair, Music Department

Tiffany Kuo

Musicologist Dr. Tiffany Kuo is Professor and Chair of Music. Professor Kuo’s current research brings to light the pioneering of performing arts patronage in higher education as instigated by philanthropic foundations in mid-twentieth century America. She is working on a book project that interrogates the symbiotic relationship between the performing arts and the academy in relation to foundations, as well as the role of academic music patronage in today’s society.
Prior to Mt. San Antonio College, Professor Kuo was an Assistant Professor of Music at the Yale School of Music and an Adjunct Professor at Fordham University. Her courses have ranged from music manuscript studies to democracy and music in post-World War Two America.

Outside of higher education, Professor Kuo is the music director of Areté Music Academy, an entrepreneurial venture in elementary and secondary music education; a co-founder of Stanford Alliance for Service Through the Arts, the largest arts community service organization at Stanford University; and a former Juilliard Morse Fellow at NYC's PS 166.  She was the fact-checker for Alex Ross’s The Rest is Noise, and a catalogue intern at J&J Lubrano Music Antiquarians.

In print, Professor Kuo has contributed to Dramaturgie Musicale Contemporaine en Europe, Nineteenth-Century Music Review, Mitteilungen der Paul Sacher Stiftung, The Juilliard Journal, and Molecular and Cellular Biology. She is a graduate of Stanford University (BA in music, and BS in biological sciences), The Juilliard School (MM in piano performance), and New York University (PhD in musicology). Professor Kuo is also the recipient of the Rockefeller Archive Center’s Grant-in-Aid, the Paul Sacher Stiftung Scholarship, and Stanford University’s Robert H. Golden Medal and the John Planting Award.