General Education Courses in Music:
Fulfilling the Arts Requirement

Are you a non-music major who's looking to take a music course to complete your general education (GE) requirements?

The following classes are suitable for non-music majors who wish to fulfill the GE requirement for IGETC GE Area 3 Arts; CSU and Mt. SAC GE C-1 Arts. Most are available in both face-to-face and online format. Check the current semester schedule of classes for more detailed information.

  • MUS 12 - History of Jazz

    A survey of jazz as a significant American art form from its roots in African music to the present. Major styles, leading performers, significant compositions and recordings, and the social, economic, and cultural contexts of the music will be stressed.

  • MUS 14A - World Music

    Examines the dominant musical cultures of the world within Africa, the Americas, Europe, and Asia and compares these to Western popular music. Identifies vocal and instrumental genres within selected cultures and examines the harmonic, melodic, and rhythmic characteristics of each style. Lectures, films, recordings, and media presentations will assist the student in exploring the ways in which music is used around the world for aesthetic, social, and spiritual purposes.

  • MUS 14B - American Folk Music

    The study of American folk music by both region and period. Instruction will include lecture, reading, and listening assignments, and various audio-visual materials. No previous musical experience required.

  • MUS 15 - Rock Music History and Appreciation

    (MUS 15H also available)
    Historical survey of rock music from its beginnings in the early 1950s to the present. Rhythm & blues, rockabilly, the British Invasion, Motown, soul, folk rock, hard rock, punk, metal, and various alternative rock styles will be discussed. Personalities and musical styles will be related to the sociology of the time period being studied.

  • MUS 100 - Introduction to Western Classical Music

    Formerly MUS 13Survey of art music in western civilization. Topics studied include but are not limited to elements of music, basic musical forms, music periods, styles, and the role of music and musicians in the western world. Attending at least one live concert is required.

  • MUS 110 - Music Fundamentals

    Degree Applicable, CSU, UC, C-ID# MUS 110Formerly MUS 7Introduction to the notation and fundamental theoretical elements of Western music through listening, analysis, and performance. Includes modern staff notation, pitch, rhythm, elements of form, properties of keys, diatonic scales, intervals, and triadic harmony.