Paramedic students and a female graduate pumping her fists at commencement

Measure GO

A bond to improve Mt. SAC

Veterinary technician students and an excited male graduate at commencement.

Measure GO

A bond to improve Mt. SAC

The Voters Have Spoken: Greenlight for Measure GO

Letter from the President

Dr. Scroggins next to the aging Student Life Center

On November 6, 2018, we got a strong message from our local voters. They believe in the power of education. They believe in our students. And they believe in Mt. San Antonio College’s role in helping students succeed. Voters passed Measure GO by 60.82%, casting 78,943 votes in favor of the educational bond. We only needed 55% to pass the measure. Public support for Mt. SAC’s work and future plans is thanks to our students, employees and volunteers who have worked tireless to support our college. I thank each of you for your role in making Mt. SAC the dynamic place of learning it is today and for countless years to come.  

As Mounties, we know that Mt. SAC serves a critical role in our community. We provide high quality, affordable college education and job training to local students. Our value is unsurpassable. More students and families need Mt. SAC because the College offers an affordable alternative to the growing cost of four-year university systems. We also take pride in helping high school students get a jumpstart on earning college credit by taking college courses. And we know college security must be updated to keep students safe. The passage of Measure GO means our local voters understand the vital role we play in training, educating and enriching our community. It allows us to tackle these important needs, further Mt. SAC’s academic mission, and help students succeed.

Measure GO is a $750 million education bond, which would cost approximately 2.5 cents per $100 of assessed – not market – property value. We’ll be forming a Citizens’ Oversight Committee to ensure every single bond expenditure is spent appropriately. You can learn more about Measure GO, including the important projects it funds, by visiting our informational website at


William Scroggins, Ph.D.
President and CEO
Mt. San Antonio College


Official Ballot Question

  MT. SAN ANTONIO COMMUNITY COLLEGE DISTRICT JOB TRAINING, COLLEGE TRANSFER, CLASSROOM REPAIR, SAFETY MEASURE.  To upgrade job training/college transfer/vocational classrooms, science, computer/technology labs, improve student safety, veterans’ career resources, access for disabled students; remove asbestos, replace deteriorating roofs, gas, electrical/sewer lines; acquire, construct, repair sites, facilities, equipment; shall Mt. San Antonio Community College District’s measure authorizing $750,000,000 in bonds, at legal rates, levying 2.5 cents/$100 assessed valuation, $37,000,000 annually while bonds are outstanding, be adopted, requiring annual audits/citizen oversight?   




Frequently Asked Questions

    • Q:        What is Measure GO?

      A:        On July 24, 2018, the Mt. SAC Board of Trustees voted to place the Mt. Sac District Job Training, College Transfer, Classroom Repair and Safety Measure on the November 6, 2018 ballot.  If adopted by voters, Measure GO  will fund repairs and upgrades to the College necessary to preparing students for jobs and to transfer to four-year universities.

    • Q:        Why was Measure GO placed on the ballot?

      A:        With the increasing cost of four-year universities, more local students and their families are relying on Mt. SAC as an affordable alternative for a quality education. Measure GO addresses critical upgrades that make our College safer while improving our classrooms and vocational training facilities.

    • Q:        What priorities does Measure GO address?

      A:        Measure GO is designed to  address priorities identified by students, faculty, educational staff and the community including:

      • Upgrading learning environments that prepare students for transfer to 4-year colleges
      • Repairing deteriorating gas, electrical and sewer lines
      • Repairing decaying walls, drainage systems, and leaky roofs
      • Improving student safety
      • Improving access for disabled students
      • Expanding vocational training programs
      • Upgrading facilities for veterans to complete their education for workforce re-entry
    • Q:        What does Measure GO cost me?

      A:        Measure GO is a $750 million Mt. SAC education bond, which costs approximately 2.5 cents per $100 of assessed – not market – property value. Measure GO includes strict fiscal accountability requirements including Independent Citizens’ Oversight and annual financial and performance audits.  NO money can be spent on administrators’ salaries or pensions and all funds must be used locally.

    •  Q:      What does Measure GO cost?

      A:        The best estimate of the total debt service is $750 million for principal and $706 million for interest over the life of the bond.  This results in a ratio of total debt service divided by the principal to be 1.95.  The maximum debt payback ratio allowable by State law is 4.0 and a ratio around 2.0 is considered a fiscally responsible bond.

    • Q:        When is the election?

      A:        Election Day is November 6, 2018. The last day to register to vote is October 22. To register online visit:

Facilities in Need

An overview of the modular buildings west of the career training buildings. An emergency phone on modular building

Modular complex (21A-J) in front of Building 20

These modular buildings make up "Miracle Mile." The outdated water fountain is in the row buildings from the 1940s.

Modulars 16A-D make up part of the "Miracle Mile"

Continuing Education operates in Building 40. The row buildings have aged facilities.

The School of Continuing Education is located in Building 40

These row buildings are from the 1940s and were formerly Navy barracks.

Row Building 18 is much like it was in the 1940s.