Mathematics and Computer Science Department

Meet Our Faculty and Staff

The Mathematics and Computer Science Department has over 90 faculty members.

Full-Time Faculty

Photo Name Extension Office Website
Dominick Atanasio Dominick Atanasio Extension 4651 Office 61-1636 Visit website
Jorge Basilio Jorge Basilio Extension 4401 Office 61-1656 Visit website
alina birca Alina Birca Extension 5364 Office 61-1658 View website
Marissa Case Marissa Case Extension 5783 Office 61-1626 Visit website
dolores chavez Dolores Chavez Extension 3188 Office 61-1630 Visit website
scot childress Scot Childress Extension 3751 Office 61-1634 Visit website
Krysten DeWilde Krysten DeWilde Extension 4652 Office 61-1612 Visit website
bill edwards Bill Edwards Extension 3270 Office 61-1614 Visit website
hugh griffith Hugh Griffith Extension 6398 Office 61-1638 Visit website
scott guth Scott Guth Extension 4211 Office 61-1634 Visit website
Martha Hall Martha Hall Extension 6381 Office 61-1626 Visit website
  Jonathan Johannsen   Office 61-1612  
kambiz khoddam Kambiz Khoddam Extension 4650 Office 61-1652 Visit website
candice kim Candice Kim Extension 6399 Office 61-1638 View website
al kirchgraber Al Kirchgraber Extension 4826 Office 61-1640 View website
tetsuro kojima Tetsuro Kojima Extension 6397 Office 61-1632 View website
Irving Lai Irving Lai Extension 4754 Office 61-1654 View website
steve lancaster Steve Lancaster Extension 4562 Office 61-1636 Visit website
Phebe Lee Phebe Lee Extension 3374 Office 61-1620 Visit website
rene lloyd Rene Loyd Extension 4679 Office 61-1616 Visit website
janet mcmullin Janet Mcmullin Extension 3030 Office 61-1618 Visit website
janet mcmullin Lisa Morales Extension 5782 Office 61-1608 Visit website
matt munro Matt Munro Extension 4647 Office 61-1640 Visit website
baochi nguyen Baochi Nguyen Extension 6358 Office 61-1620 Visit website
chris perez Hoang-Quyen Nguyen Extension 3240 Office 61-1610 Visit website
chris perez Chris Perez Extension 3240 Office 61-1630 Visit website
Karla Rivas Karla Rivas Extension 4346 Office 61-1610 Visit website
debbie rivers Debbie Rivers Extension 4729 Office 61-1624 Visit website
melody summers Melody Summers Extension 5384 Office 61-1624 Visit website
christine sun Christine Sun Extension 4843 Office 61-1658 Visit website 
tim takashima Tim Takashima Extension 6565 Office 61-1652 Visit website
frank tran Frank Tran Extension 5311 Office 61-1632 View website
cameron troxell Cameron Troxell Extension 6693 Office 61-1656 View website
tuan vo Tuan Vo Extension 4519 Office 61-1654 View website
jeff wakefield Jeff Wakefield Extension 4402 Office 61-1612 View website
paula young Laura Wohlgezogen Extension 5385 Office 61-1628 View website
paula young Paula Young Extension 4651 Office 61-1628 View website


Full-Time Staff

Photo Name Extension Office Website
james abbott James Abbott Extension 3528 Office 61-1318 Visit website
bren estrada Benny Estrada Extension 5151 Office 61-1622 Visit website
Rene Pyle Rene Pyle Extension 3258 Office 61-1314 Visit website
Jennifer Turner Jennifer Turner Extension 2948 Office 61-1310 Visit website


Adjunct Faculty

Office: 61-1650
Ext: 5315



Past Faculty


Math and Computer Science Faculty at Bldg. 61 (2009)Math and Computer Science Faculty at bldg., 40 (2008)