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IT Training

IT Training Resources 

Welcome to IT's training resources webpage. Here you will find various training videos, documents, and resources for many of the applications that are used on campus. If there is a training that you would like to request resources for you can submit a request by using our Fresh Service request form.

Training Request Form

Please note: manager approval will be required for submitting the training resources request form.

Microsoft Training 

The following training resources are available for these Microsoft O365 applications. 

    • Microsoft Outlook LogoMicrosoft Outlook

      Outlook is the email application that is utilized by Mt. San Antonio College. All staff and faculty will have an account set up for their use. Our campus utilizes Single Sign-On (SSO) which allows for a much smoother user experience with all our applications. When signed into your device you can double-click the Outlook application icon to open your application. You should be signed in by default. 

      Click on any of the resources below to learn more about Microsoft Outlook.

      Importing /Adding an Outlook Calendar

      Calendar Import

      Microsoft Outlook and Office 365 General Information

      General Info 

      Outlook Tips 1 - Covers new items through drag-and-drop and natural language date selection

      Outlook Tips 2 - Archiving: What is it, what are its benefits, and how to use it

      Outlook Tips 3 - Automating text with My Templates, Quick Parts, and Autocomplete

    • Microsoft Teams LogoMicrosoft Teams

      Microsoft Teams is Mt. SAC's primary tool for instant messaging and communications with other staff. Below you will find a few video trainings on general use and navigating the application interface. 

      Intro to Teams:

      Team's Features and Functions:

      Team's Channels:

      For more Microsoft Teams info and FAQs click here

    • Microsoft OneDrive LogoMicrosoft OneDrive

      OneDrive is our primary tool for backing up and storing files across multiple devices using the cloud. All employees have a OneDrive account by default and can store up to 1 TB of data. This allows for smooth transition to new or temporary devices while maintaining access to all your important files.

      In the link below you will find guides and information on how to use your OneDrive account.

      Microsoft OneDrive Training Resources

      Introduction to OneDrive - Setup Process and Key Features


Other Training

Mt. SAC uses a variety of different applications. In this section you will find documentation, training videos, and information for various applications that are not covered in the other sections of this training page. 

    • Ocelot Chatbot IconOcelot 

      Ocelot Chatbot is a newly implemented IT feature that will provide users with a helpful livechat feature. Ocelot can answer many questions in a quick and efficient manner while providing users with another method to receive support at all hours of the day. To learn more about Ocelot please watch the training video from our Ocelot representative down below.

POD Training

POD offers many trainings that can be found in the POD Calendar. To access any of the following trainings, sign into your account and register for the next available training.

POD Calendar

    • Banner LogoBanner 9 General Navigation

      Register on POD for the next Banner 9 General Navigation training. Once the training is completed, along with a short quiz, you can request Banner 9 access by filling out the appropriate request form. Note: There are three forms: Finance, HR/Payroll, and Student and Financial Aid

      Banner Request Form 

    • LiveWhale LogoLiveWhale Calendar

      Are you interested in managing your department's calendar? Register for the next LiveWhale training on POD to learn how to access and create events using our LiveWhale calendar system. After the training is completed you can request access to your department's calendar. 

      LiveWhale Calendar Example

    • OmniCMS LogoModern Campus OmniCMS 

      Do you want to learn how to create your own Mt. SAC webpage, or update your department's webpage? You can sign up for the next OmniCMS training through your POD calendar to learn how to create and update Mt. SAC webpages. After the training is completed you can request access to your department's webpage.

      OmniCMS Training Webpage Example


FortiClient VPN & Wi-Fi 

To connect to our network we have some resources to provide guidance and troubleshooting. If you are working from home and are required to connect to our network via VPN, or if you are on premise and need to connect via wi-fi the information below will be helpful. If you are unable to connect to the network after utilizing the resources below then please submit a ticket to the IT Help Desk Portal.

    • Fortinet VPN LogoFortiClient VPN

      Mt. SAC has updated their VPN client to FortiClient. All users that previously had VPN access through CheckPoint VPN will now have their software updated to FortiClient. The connection process is now easier than before.

      Connecting with FortiClient VPN:

      1. To connect you will need to double-click the application icon on your desktop: Forticlient VPN 

      (Alternatively, you can go to the bottom right tray on your desktop and click on the FortiClient Forticlient Tray Icon icon, then select "Open FortiClient Console")

      FortiClient Tray Icon

      2. Click on the SAML Login button, and type in your Portal ID plus “” like an email address. For example, if your Portal username is flast99, your username would be
      FortiClient SAML LoginFortiClient SSO

      3. Type in your Portal password when prompted. If prompted, complete the MFA approval process.
      Mt. SAC SSOFortiClient MFA

      4. The VPN will take about 20 seconds to connect. When it successfully connects, you will see a notification, and a “VPN Connected” window in FortiClient.
      FortiClient Successful Connection

      Missing FortiClient Icon?

      Although IT has automated the installation of the new FortiClient VPN software, you may find that you are missing the application. We are confident that all active Check Point VPN users should have the new FortiClient VPN installed before the upgrade. However, if you do not have the FortiClient installed, please do the following:

      1. If off campus, enable your Check Point VPN connection

      2. From the Start menu, look for the Software Center application. The Software Center icon looks like this: Software Center Icon

      3. Use Software Center to install the FortiClient VPN application. You should see the FortiClient icon promoted as a new application. Click on the icon and then Click the "install" button.

      Software Center

    • Wi-Fi Guides

      Mt. SAC provides wi-fi for all staff, students, visitors and guests! There is an entire webpage dedicated to helping users connect, troubleshoot, and answer any FAQs. 

      Please click the following link: Wi-Fi Access and Instructions


Experiencing Technical Issues?

You can contact the IT Help Desk or visit their website. You can also submit a ticket using our ticketing system: Fresh Service

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