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Vision Statement

The Mt. SAC Interior Design Program / Studio 20.9 provides a highly energetic and imaginative comfort zone that is inspired by the process of design. Students participating in the Interior Design program consider studio 20.9 a second home; they are comfortable being themselves and expressing their opinions and points of view freely. The energy of this environment supports the growth and development of outstanding coursework and award winning projects. The design community recognizes the great work coming out of Studio 20.9 and seeks our students. Once they move into the professional realm and the unfolding of their visions are realized, they return home to Studio 20.9 in the areas of support and services.

Mission Statement

The Mt. SAC Interior Design Program’s mission is to create an interdisciplinary approach to fundamental design, space planning, design analysis, material selection and specifications relating to residential and commercial spaces.

Our goal is to provide comprehensive curriculum with an emphasis on: design foundations, graphic communication, research and observation, experiential concept development, spatial development, and the social aspects of space.