HTCC 2017 Student Presenters

Research Conferences

The Honors Program encourages its students to participate in academic conferences that provide opportunities to distinguish oneself as a scholar. The conferences listed here provide a forum in which Honors students can present research results, participate in panel discussions, display poster presentations, and show or perform original work.  Depending on the conference, these presentations may be individual, in pairs, or small groups. The distinction of having presented at one or more conferences speaks well for students who are competing for admission to highly selective transfer schools, programs of study, and for competitive scholarships. For more information on why and how to present your research, check out the video "Got Research?" by Misty Kolchakian, Honors Faculty Coordinator and Research Advisor.

*Please check conference and publication websites for submission deadlines, conference dates/locations, and further information.

Honors Students Only

UCI Community College Honors Research Conference
Annual student research conference giving California community college honors students the opportunity to present their research.
Bay Area Consortium Honors Research Symposium
Annual student research conference for community college honors students.
The Western Regional Honors Council
Annual three-day event for Honors students to present their work, participate in panel discussions, and attend workshops.

All Undergraduates

Southern California Conference of Undergrad Research
A forum to present the best research and creative projects of undergraduate students in the region, and encourage communication of innovative achievements across disciplines.
Pacific Sociological Association
Students wishing to present in a roundtable or poster session are required to submit an abstract that includes a clear discussion of theory and methods.
Southwestern Anthropological Association
Papers accepted into the program are eligible for inclusion in the conference Proceedings.
Western Psychological Association
Contact Professor Stacy Bacigalupi for details on participation.

Publication Opportunities

Abstracts may be published in the booklets that accompany the conferences.
Honors students may also publish original, creative work (essays/creative non-fiction, poetry, short fiction, visual art, photography, digital art, and cover design) in Western Regional Honors Council’s Literary Journal: Scribendi, an annual publication edited by Honors students at the University of New Mexico.
In The Palouse Review we showcase the literary, creative and scholarly talents of honors students of the Western Regional Honors Council. This makes The Palouse Review an excellent opportunity for students to publish their work. They accept short fiction, nonfiction, scholarship, poetry, photography & visual art, music, and digital multimedia.


Here is a power point presentation that can help you understand the basics of Abstracts:
You can also review this helpful guide provided by the Honors Transfer Council of California:

Poster Templates

Mt. SAC has templates you can use to easily create your research poster. The Honors Center can help with printing these before your conference.