Honors Student FAQs

    • Why should I join Honors?
      The Honors Program offers several benefits such as small classes (more access to professors, easier to meet other students) and a more impressive transcript, which increase your chances of transferring, especially to UCLA. In addition, the Honors Program offers a place to study with other Honors students, Honors Club activities, and access to our counselors.
    • When should I join Honors?
      We accept students at any point in their studies at Mt. SAC. However, the earlier you enroll, the more time you have to complete the 15 units of coursework required to be certified as an Honors Scholar.
    • Are Honors classes harder?
      Honors courses are enhanced rather than accelerated. They focus on in-depth coverage, active participation, and interactive learning experiences. Honors courses emphasize critical thinking and application of concepts, rather than memorization or busywork. So you may have fewer assignments that go into more depth. Many students say that the work is more interesting because it requires them to think. In addition, having such a small class and more access to the professor can actually make the class seem easier!
    • How much does it cost to join Honors?
      There is no additional cost to join the Honors Program
    • How do I apply?
    • Can I join Honors if I’m not eligible for English 1A?
      Unfortunately no, due to the high level of reading and writing required in many Honors courses.
    • Do I need a letter of recommendation?
      All high school applicants are required to submit a letter of recommendation from a teacher or counselor/advisor. College applicants are also required to submit a letter unless you have a 3.5 transferable GPA or higher – then, it is waived. Letters of recommendation do not need to follow any particular format but should attest to your academic abilities and your potential to be successful in the Honors Program. Letters must be uploaded online along with the rest of the application.
    • When is Orientation?
      Honors orientations are typically held twice a year, prior to the start of Fall and Spring semesters. You will be invited to attend orientation after you have been admitted into the Honors Program.
    • What is Honors Quick Start?
      Honors Quick Start is where 20 honors students take two honors courses together in one semester. Classes are preselected and seats are reserved for Quick Start students. To participate, you must need and be willing to take BOTH of the courses in the assigned sections.
    • Do Honors students receive priority registration?
      No, unfortunately not at this time.
    • Do I have to take only Honors courses?
      Students are required to complete at least one Honors course before the end of their second Fall semester in the program.
    • What if I don’t take 15 units of Honors coursework?
      There is definitely a benefit from taking even one Honors course! Remember, honors courses are small, enriched, and are filled with other motivated students. It’s easier to connect with other students as well as professors, which comes in handy when requesting recommendation letters!
    • Will it take longer to transfer or graduate if I’m in Honors?
      Since most Honors courses fulfill requirements for Mt. SAC’s associate degree as well as transfer requirements for UC, CSU and many other universities, it should not take any longer to complete these requirements if you plan well. Honors students generally complete the same number of courses as other students planning to transfer.
    • How do I get credit for AP courses or other test scores?
      Send the official scores to Admissions and send a copy to the Honors Center.
    • What if my cumulative GPA drops below 3.2?
      Generally speaking, you will get one semester to raise your GPA back to the 3.2 level; failing that, you will be dropped from the Honors Program.
    • Which GPA counts for Honors?
      Your Mt. SAC bachelor level/transferable level courses are counted toward your Honors GPA. This includes courses that transfer to CSU and/or UC.
    • Which GPA counts when I transfer?
      This depends on which courses are transferable to that institution. Only the courses that are accepted for transfer will be included in your transfer GPA.
    • Where is the Honors Center?
      Building 26A-1680
    • How can I make an appointment with an Honors Counselor?
      Appointments are made in person in the Honors Center (26A-1680) or by phone at (909)-274-4665.