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High School Referral Program Information

Need to make up credits to graduate?

The High School Referral Program offers high school students the opportunity to retake classes to earn a higher grade and/or make-up credits. Credentialed teachers supervise the classroom and provide individual instruction and support.

Frequently Asked Questions

    • Are there any requirements for admission?
      Students must be currently enrolled in high school and have a referral form signed by both a parent and a counselor.
    • How does the program work?
      Our program is:
      • Independent study: Students are provided with all the materials they need to complete a course. Teachers and tutors are available for support.
      • Self-paced:  Students work at their own speed.
    • How can I get started?
      All students and their parents will need to participate in an orientation session which will provide you with detailed information about the program.  Returning students do not need to attend an orientation again (however, a shorter information session is required for students taking Biology and Chemistry for the first time).
    • Where is the program located?
      The program is located in Building 30 at Mt. San Antonio College.
    • What is the class schedule?
      Class is in session from 4:00pm-8:00pm Monday-Thursday (schedule subject to change). Students do not need to attend for the entire class period. Classes are offered during the academic year.
    • Is there any cost for the program?
      No. The program is free and textbooks are provided. However, students are required to have a Mt. SAC ID, which costs $10. Also, parking permits are required for individuals who park on campus.
    • How do my credits get applied to my transcript?
      Credits completed in the High School Referral Program are transferred to your high school. A transcript will be mailed to your high school approximately 2-3 weeks after completion of the course.
    • How do I complete a course?
      You must meet three requirements to get credit for a course: hours, coursework, and a “C” average.
      • Hours: Courses take approximately 75 hours to complete. The minimum amount of attendance hours necessary for each 5 credit course is 62.5
      • Coursework: Students are expected to complete and turn in assignments, projects, quizzes, and tests in order as specified by the syllabus. All work must be completed in the
      • Grade: Students must achieve a 70% or better (“C”) overall grade of the class. Credit will not be issued for any grade lower than a “C”.
      Courses must be completed by the end of the spring semester to receive credit. There is no carryover of coursework or hours into the following summer semester or school year.
    • How do I register for an orientation?

      Orientations are offered regularly throughout the semester. To register for an orientation please call the High School Office at (909) 274- 4937.

      Orientations are held in Building 28A or Building 30 depending on the day and time. You will be informed of your location when you schedule the orientation. Please make a note of the location.

      When you come to the orientation, bring:
      • Parent or Legal Guardian (no brothers or sisters, aunts or uncles)
      • Completed and signed Referral Form (obtained from your high school counselor)
      • Pen (you will be filling out paperwork)
      • $4 cash for a one day parking permit (can be purchased from permit machines located on Bonita Drive, south of Temple Avenue OR on the west side of Student Parking Lot H)
      Be on time to the orientation. If you are late, you will have to reschedule.

 To view this page as a PDF file, please click here: High School Referral Pamphlet