Mt. SAC Strategic Plan 2017-21


College Goals

The mission of Mt. San Antonio College is to support  and empower all students in achieving their educational goals in an environment of academic excellence. Specifically, the College is committed to providing quality education, services, and workforce training so that students become contributing members of a diverse, sustainable, global society. The College pledges to serve students so that they may achieve their full educational potential for lifelong learning,  for attaining associates degrees and certificates, for employment, and for the completion of career and transfer pathways.  The College will carry out this commitment by providing an engaging and supportive teaching and learning environment for students of diverse origins, experiences, needs, abilities, and goals.  The College is dedicated to serving our community through improving economic achievement, advancing civic engagement, enhancing personal well-being, developing critical thinking, and enriching aesthetic and cultural experiences.

College Goals Descriptions

Mt. San Antonio College’s Strategic Planning Process also known as a Comprehensive Plan. 

Goal 1Goal 1 : Advance and foster an equitable, diverse, inclusive, just, and anti-racist campus culture that empowers our community to make positive change in society. 

Goal 2Goal 2: Further develop, facilitate, and maintain a physically and emotionally safe and accessible campus environment.

Goal 3Goal 3: Develop and expand strategies for an communication about opportunities for students that support retention, persistence, and success.  

Goal 4Goal 4: Effectively coordinate human, physical, technology, and financial resources to improve student accessibility growth, and academic success.

Goal 5Goal 5: Embed environmental, social, and economic sustainability into the work and decision-making processes of all areas of campus.

Goal 6Goal 6: Ensure open and authentic communication and coordination among stakeholders to support achievement of all college goals. 


Planning Cycle

The Cycle begins in  2017 to 2018 for the Annual Planning for Institutional Effectiveness (PIE) and continues with Annual PIEs. Aligning with the Planning Cycle is the Accreditation Reporting Cycle. In both cases, the milestone is 2021 to 2022 when the College must complete a comprehensive PIE and begin an analysis of possible gaps in meeting accreditation and closing those gaps.

  • 17–18 Annual PIE
  • 18–19 Annual PIE
  • 19–20 Annual PIE: 2020 Mid-Report
  • 20-21 Annual PIE: Strategic Plan Completion 2017-21
  • 21-22 Comprehensive PIE: ACCJC Gap Analysis New SP 21/22-28/29
  • 22-23 Annual PIE: ACCJC Prep
  • 24-25 Annual PIE: ACCJC Spring Visit