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On this page, you will find resources and information relating to the functions of the Academic Senate. Those interested in getting more involved with Academic Senate are encouraged to contact Sarah Nichols.

 Previously on Dual Enrollment
(Fall 2017)

The following are the copies of letters and statements exchanged between the Academic Senate and President Scroggins regarding Dual Enrollment.


Academic Senate Meeting

Mount San Antonio College's Academic Senate Goals

It's essential to understand how your representatives are planning for the future. Take pride in knowing that Mount San Antonio College's Academic Senate has goals in building upon every major category of business as it affects learning, policy, and more! 

The Academic Senate strives for growth on our campus and seeks feedback from our students, faculty, and staff to manifest the most appropriate goals. Click here to learn more about these goals and the planning that goes into them.
Student looking into camera

Student Success Task Force Recommendations

The value of a college education cannot be argued. Californians holding an associate or bachelor’s degree are likely to earn $1 million more in their lifetime than a person who holds only a high school diploma.

That's why the Student Success Task Force has examined best practices and effective models within higher education to improve educational achievements here in California. Click here to see the recommendations put forth to promote the highest student success.

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