Staff Directory

Name Title Phone Area of Responsibility
  Associate Vice President, Administrative Services                              (909) 274 -5515                 Oversees all Fiscal Services functions
Melissa Cone Executive Assistant to the Associate Vice President (909) 274-5515 Supports Associate Vice President
Julie Ann Moreno                  Fiscal Specialist (909) 274-5789               Audit Vendor and Payroll Warrants
Rosa Royce Chief Compliance & College Budget Officer (909) 274-5530 Oversees the College Budget, Compliance Issues with Grants, Bond Issues, and Categorical Programs
Christine Lam Fiscal Services Analyst (909) 274-5428

Implementation of financial software applications, budget development and analysis of financial transactions


Name Title Phone Area of Responsibility
Jackson Kuo Director, Accounting (909)   274-5372 Manages Accounting, AP, AR
Grace Espinoza Fiscal Specialist, Accounts Receivable (909) 274-6260 District General Accounting
Delia Quicho-Robles Fiscal Specialist, Accounting (909) 274-5781 District Accounts Receivable, Cash Receipts
Judy Kim Fiscal Technician II, Accounts Receivable (909) 274-5516 Vault, District Invoicing
Elizabeth Jauregui   Fiscal Technician II, Accounts Payable (909) 274-5342 AP District (A-F)
Jenny Tjandra Fiscal Technician II, Accounts Payable (909) 274-5074 AP District (G-Q)
Cathy Flores Fiscal Technician II, Accounts Payable (909) 274-5525 AP District (R–Z & #'s)
Lia Mason Fiscal Technician II, Accounts Payable & Receivable (909) 274-5554 AP (Bond Construction Invoices) 
Evelyn Hermosillo Fiscal Technician II,  Accounts Payable & Receivable (909) 274-5527 AP Auxiliary, Cash Receipts, Conference and Travel


Name Title Phone Area of Responsibility
Marisa Ziegenhohn Director, Fiscal Resources (909) 274-6445 Manages Budget/Grants Categorical Prog./Audit
Emma Valenzuela Coordinator, Budget & Accounting (909) 274-5343 Auxiliary Services, Rev. Generating Accounts, Student Clubs
Maria Correia Fiscal Specialist (909) 274-5529 Financial Aid, Grants
Maria Kline Fiscal Specialist (909) 274-5426 Auxiliary Services
Priscilla Romero Fiscal Specialist (909) 274-5884 Personnel Budget, Budget Development, Grants
Melanie Lazo Fiscal Specialist (909) 274-5388 Personnel Budget, Grants, Budget Revisions/Transfers
Catherine Nguyen Fiscal Specialist (909) 274-6261  Fixed Assets, Grants, Capital Outlay Project Funds
Kevin Truong Fiscal Specialist (909) 274-5526 Grants
Alsace Kam Fiscal Specialist (909) 274-5762 Personnel Budget, Budget Development, Grants
Yvette Shane Fiscal Specialist (909) 274-5539 Grants and Budget Revisions/Transfers
Kim Leisure Fiscal Specialist (909) 274-5773 Grants
Suzanne Ponce Fiscal Specialist (909) 274-4659 Grants
Diana Morgan Fiscal Specialist (909) 274-5768 Grants

Cashier's Office

Name Title Phone Area of Responsibility
Gabriela Sesma Coordinator, Cashier's Office (909) 274-5606 Leads Cashier's/Student Accounts Rec.
Linda Tackett Fiscal Technician I (909) 274-5532 Student Accounts & Fees, Parking Permits, Refunds
Lisa Marie Hanlon Fiscal Technician I (909) 274-5993 Student Accounts & Fees, Parking Permits, Refunds
Samantha Chan Fiscal Technician I (909) 274-XXXX Student Accounts & Fees, Parking Permits, Refunds


Name Title Phone Area of Responsibility
Richard Lee Director, Payroll (909) 274-5520 Manages Payroll
Ron Titus Coordinator, Payroll (909) 274-4516 Payroll Processing and Garnishments
Kasteel Gumban Coordinator, Payroll (909) 274-4142 Payroll Processing and Garnishments
JenMay Anol Retirement Specialist (909)274-5767 CalPERS/CalSTRS Reporting, SISC Health Insurance Billing for Retirees, and NBS Withdrawals
Evelyn Ramirez Fiscal Technician II (909) 274-5561 Process Payroll (Am-G)
Amy Cheung  Fiscal Technician II (909) 274-5553 Process Payroll (H-O)
Lakshimi Fontecha Fiscal Technician II (909) 274-5523 Process Payroll (P – Z & A-Al)


Name Title Phone Area of Responsibility
Angelic Davis Director, Purchasing, Printing, and Mail Services (909) 274-5512 Manages Purchasing, Printing, and Mail Services.
Rondell Schroeder Procurement Specialist (909) 274-5511 Purchase of auto/trucks, modular buildings and property leases, legal advertisements, informal/formal construction bids for projects greater than $25,000, p-card functions, hazmat testing/inspection services, and formal Requests for Proposals (RFP) for all commodities and services.
Tiffany Chen Procurement Specialist (909) 274-5514
Purchase of equipment, supplies, and services for audio visual, informal/formal construction bids for projects greater than $25,000, and maintenance greater than $25,000. Requests for Proposals (RFP), p-card functions, architect/engineering services, and legal advertisements.
April Landry Senior Buyer (909) 274-5510
Purchase of appliances, air conditioning (instructional), aeronautics, catering/food, copiers & scantrons, fuel, furniture, fees (legal/hotel, etc.), independent contractors, leases/rentals, subscriptions/memberships (including Amazon), and transportation services (buses/charters/rentals.
Sandi Horn Buyer (909) 274-5509 Purchase of instructional equipment and supplies for agriculture, architecture & design, athletics, biology, chemistry, custodial, drafting, earth sciences, facilities/maintenance, fire tech, health services, manufacturing/welding, math, photography, physics, Planetarium, radiology, respiratory therapy, safety/security, electronics, and construction <$24,999.
Connie Madarang Buyer (909) 274- 5521 Purchase of office equipment/supplies, advertising/marketing, art, books/videos/DVDs, business cards, child development, communications, computer hardware/software, insurance, laundry services, mailing, music, parking, printing, signs/banners, trophies/awards and theater.
Craig Hobson Printing Coordinator (909) 274- 5546   Printing Services
Peggy Amaro Administrative Specialist II (909) 274- 5542  Printing Services
Donna Rutherford Lead Printing Services Technician II (909) 274- 5545  Printing Services
Brandon Smith Printing Services Technician (909) 274- 5544   Printing Services
Vacant Printing Services Technician (909) 274- 4255  Printing Services
Vacant Printing Services Technician (909) 274- 4255  Printing Services
Clarence Tagarao Lead Mail Room Operator (909) 274- 4212  Mail Services
Patricia Castillo Mail Room Operator (909) 274- 4212  Mail Services