Gallery Design and Operations

Students design and gain hands-on experience installing exhibitions in our gallery as well as gaining familiarity with the steps taken in becoming a practicing artist.


Art and artists studied through class lectures and required field trips. Public art display and exhibition design, with an overview of art movements, styles, symbols, theories and terms.


Concepts and hands-on applications of curatorial processes, management skills, and gallery operations. The professional side of the arts with emphasis on contemporary art, theories and media will be explored. Field trips required.


Exhibition planning, research, operation and management. Art as a profession, with emphasis on historical and contemporary terms, theories, movements and media in the context of an art exhibition production. Field trips required.


Provides on-the-job experience in exhibition design and art gallery operation at an approved work site related to the classroom- based learning. A minimum of 75 paid clock hours or 60 non-paid clock hours per semester is required for each one unit of credit. It is recommended that the hours per week are equally distributed throughout the semester. Students who repeat this course will improve skills through further instruction and practice.