Beginning Drawing

The most essential tool of the artist is the ability to draw, learning to interpret the three-dimensional world into the flat picture plane.


An entry level course emphasizing creative expression through the use of black and white drawing media. Emphasis is placed on basic drawing methods and skills, composition and exploration of drawing media.

  • Student Work Example for Drawing 15A
    Victoria Magana
  • Student Work Examples for ARTD 15A
    Cecilia Grover
  • Student Work Example for Draiwng 15A
    David Leary 


Drawing course emphasizing perceptual and technical skills to compose in dry and fluid media. Uses the formal elements and principles in black, white and color in representational and expressionistic styles.

  • Student Work Example for Drawing 15B
    Jasmine Velasco

  • Student Work Example ARTD 15B
    Katrina Saulpaugh

  • Student Work Example for ARTD 15B
    Kira Yu