Student Employment / Federal Work-Study

Work-Study is a financial aid program that students apply to through their FAFSA. Through the work-study program, students can work for an hourly wage at Mt. San Antonio College to help cover their college expenses.

Work-Study is awarded to qualified students through the Financial Aid Office. You will be notified, through your My Mt. SAC Portal, if you qualify for work-study after you complete your FAFSA.

What do I need to do with my Work-Study award?

  1. Once notified by the Financial Aid Office, you will need to visit Career Services to attend a workshop where you'll learn about the potential work sites on campus and how to apply/interview for the positions you want.
  2. Each work-study award is for a specific amount of money. When a student has worked enough hours to earn the amount awarded, their work assignment will end. For example, if you are awarded work-study for $1,000 at $10 per hour, once you have worked 100 hours, your work-study is over for that school year.

If you have questions about your work-study award, contact our Financial Aid Office at (909) 274-4450.