ProVerifier+ & DocuSign

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The Mt. SAC Financial Aid Department is excited to partner with ProVerifier+ to implement DocuSign, an electronic signature service which enables users to quickly and securely send and receive documents—such as financial aid verification forms—from any electronic device.

Beginning Monday, April 22, 2019, financial aid applicants may receive a notification email from Mt. SAC’s Financial Aid Office regarding additional documents that need to be submitted. Using the Mt. SAC Student Portal, applicants will select the Financial Aid Requirements link and automatically be routed to their external ProVerifier+ Student Dashboard—where they will electronically complete and sign the requested forms.

If an additional signer is required, applicants will have the option to provide his/her email address to where DocuSign can send a secure link, requesting his/her signature on the financial aid form.

By introducing ProVerifier+ & DocuSign into the financial aid application process, applicants can look forward to:

  • Accelerated Response Times - Capability to route documents to multiple recipients, review forms, and sign documents from electronic devices
  • Practical Time Savings - Mobile, anywhere, anytime access
  • Accelerated Workflow - Increased efficiency and cost savings through reduction in printing & scanning
  • Increased Transparency - Reduced the risk of non-compliance through error proofing functionality, version control and information security
  • Tough Security Encryption - Encryption and audit trails ensure documents are tamper-evident
  • Supported Sustainability - Reduced the amount of paper being used on campus

Accessible from anywhere, DocuSign replaces manual, paper-based processing methods resulting in accelerated transactions that increase the speed of receiving results, improve visibility and control, and streamline the Financial Aid application processes for Mt. SAC students.

We hope this new partnership will make the financial aid process easier to complete!

For assistance in submitting required ProVerifier+ & DocuSign documents, click here.

    • 1Log into your Mt. SAC Student Portal

      Log into your Mt. SAC Student Portal. Scroll down to the Financial Aid Requirements section and select 2019-2020 Aid Year. Select the Requirements link to be automatically directed to your online ProVerifier+ Student Dashboard.

      Mt. SAC Student Login

    • 2View the Mt. SAC ProVerifier+ Student Dashboard

      From the ProVerifier+ Student Dashboard you can view when a DocuSign document has been signed and linked with your student account. From the File Action column, select the DocuSign link to complete and sign requested forms. You can also select the View icon to review forms already completed.

      ProVerify Student Dashboard

    • 3Review the DocuSign Email

      After clicking the DocuSign link from your ProVerifier+ Student Portal, your Web browser will open and you will be prompted to provide your first name, last name, and email address before entering the DocuSign form. Dependent Students will also be prompted to provide information for at least one parent. Please note: dependent students cannot use the same email address for both the Student and Parent Email fields.

      DocuSign Login 

    • 4Agree to Sign Electronically

      Select the I agree to use electronic records and signatures checkbox, then choose the CONTINUE button to begin the signing process. ***Important! To view and sign the documents, you must agree to conduct business electronically***

      Agree to Sign Electronically

    • 5Start the Signing Process

      Select the START button on the left to begin the signing process. Fields highlighted in red are required fields. You are taken to the first required field. 

      Start Button

      You can navigate to the each required field by selecting the NEXT button, using the Tab button on your keyboard to advance to the next field, or by selecting a field using your mouse.

      Required Field

      Select the Sign button.

      Sign Button

      You are asked to ‘Adopt Your Signature’. A personal signature will be generated using the information you provided. Select the ADOPT & SIGN button. Your adopted signature displays on the appropriate signature line.

      Adpot Signature

      Select the FINISH button to complete your part of the DocuSign process.

      Finish Button

      You can select the download or print icons to save a copy of the form for your records. If another Signers signature is needed on the form, the additional Signer will receive an email notification notifying them the form is ready for their signature.

      Download or Print Buttons

      Additional Signers will receive an email notification that the form is ready for their signature. By selecting REVIEW DOCUMENT, additional Signers can add their signature to the form.

      Review Document

      The student will receive an email notification that all Signers have signed the form and the signing process is completed. Select REVIEW A COPY to review the completed form and/or to download/print a copy for your records.

      Review a Copy