Student Contract for Interpreting/Captioning Services

  • It is the goal of the Mt. SAC Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services to provide the best possible services and to meet the American’s with Disabilities Act requirement of “reasonable accommodations”. Mt. SAC is committed to academic achievement for its diverse student population. DHH, the student, faculty, note taker, captioner and interpreter work together as an educational team for the purpose of creating a successful learning environment. Each member of the team has a vital and specific role. In order to create an equitable learning experience, all team members must actively fulfill their respective roles.

Requesting Services

  • Deaf Students will submit the following to DHH every semester no more than five days after they register.

    1. Class Schedule
    2. Student Request for Classroom Accommodations
    3. Contract for Service


    • Deaf students will inform DHH if they are not going to attend class at least 24 hours in advance.

Late Arrivals

    • Deaf Students will inform DHH office if they will be more than 30 minutes late.
    • Interpreters/Captioners will wait at the class for 30 minutes. If the students does not arrive in 30 minutes, the interpreter/captioner will leave.
    • Interpreters/Captioners will notify DHH if a Deaf student is a no show for class.


  • Adds/Drops
    • If a Deaf student adds or drops a class, they are to notify DHH immediately so interpreting/captioning services can be secured or cancelled.

Additional Services

  • Additional interpreting/captioning services can be requested 48 hours prior to event, with exception to the following:

    • Interpreting Services for field trips must be requested at least five (5) days prior.
    • If advance notice of any of the above is not provided, services are NOT guaranteed.


  • Consequences from Mt. San Antonio College on Vimeo.

    • Interpreting/Captioning services will be suspended after 2 no shows or four last minute cancellations
    • To restore services, Deaf students must meet with the DHH Director or a DHH counselor.
    • Failure to comply will result in suspension of priority registration.


    • I will work with my interpreter/captioner and be respectful.
    • I will fill out a Student Feedback Form with honest feedback for each of my interpreters/captioners at the end of each semester.
    • I will discuss any interpreting/captioning issue I have with my interpreter/captioner.
    • If I am not comfortable discussing issues with my interpreter/captioner, I will meet with the DHH Director.
    • I will not have distracting conversations with the interpreter/captioner during class while they are working.
    • I will be responsible to notify the office of any changes to my class schedule.
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