Understanding the Catalog

The College Catalog is a book that contains rules, regulations, and policies at Mt. SAC. It also includes all academic programs and requirements for degrees, certificates, and transfer general education requirements. The catalog has a list of every class that is offered at Mt. SAC including the number of units, a description, any prerequisites or advisories and whether the class is degree applicable and/or transferrable. You can use the Catalog to look up the classes you need to complete your certificate or associate degree, to see the general education patterns, and to look up rules and policies.

When you start at Mt. SAC the year you begin is your catalog year. You can also use future catalogs if you prefer. If you stop attending Mt. SAC it is possible you may lose your catalog rights. This means if programs or rules change you will need to follow the new catalog that is published the year you re-start at Mt. SAC. Please see below to understand how to maintain catalog rights.

  • A student may use that initial catalog year or any subsequent catalog until the student petitions for graduation, if the student has remained in continuous attendance.
  • Continuous attendance is enrollment and attendance in a class (past the census date) in one of the immediate prior two semesters.
  • In order to maintain catalog rights at Mt. SAC, based on the initial semester of enrollment, a student may:
  1. Attend another regionally accredited post-secondary institution.
  2. Maintain “continuous attendance” at a regionally accredited post-secondary institution while away from Mt. SAC.
  3. Not be absent from Mt. SAC for four or more primary terms (two years).

To get more information about the catalog and catalog rights make an appointment to see a counselor.

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