Completion Center

Completion Center

Visit the Completion Center for graduation application support, counseling appointments, workshops and more!

About the Center:

The Completion Center provides a space for students who are preparing to graduate or transfer from Mt. SAC to receive personalized support and guidance for achieving their educational goal(s). Are you looking for a space to help you know when to apply to graduate? Or do you need support in applying to graduate at Mt. SAC? Maybe you need a counselor to review your Mountie Academic Plan (MAP) and figure out your graduation timeline. These are all areas the Completion Center can help with!

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    • peopleWho We Serve

      The Completion Center serves enrolled students at Mt. SAC who are close to completing their academic goal(s).  To qualify as a Completion Student, students should have completed:

      • 45+ units
      • Transfer level English requirement
      • Transfer level Math requirement

      Enrolled students working on their degree, transfer, or certificate qualify as a Completion Student. For more information if you qualify reach out to the Completion Center.

    • gearOur Services

      Completion Students have access to:

      • Priority counseling appointments with Completion Counselors
      • Milestone and Recognition ceremonies
      • Workshops and educational events
      • Referrals to on and off campus resources 
      • Personalized support
    • HandshakeReady to Complete

      Are you a few semesters away from finishing your program/degree/ or certificate? Congratulations!  Schedule a GRAD CHECK counseling appointment to see how close you are to finishing your goal.  The Completion Center has graduation application workshops and services to help you fill out your application.

      • Be sure to apply for graduation! You can access the application for graduation and review information related to graduation on the Records and Graduation page.
      • If you plan to transfer, make sure you have connected with one of our Completion Counselors and also check out Mt. SAC's Transfer Center
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8:00AM - 4:30PM                                                                Summer Schedule Closed on Fridays  
9B Second Floor
(909) 274-5187

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