About Us

The Computer Information Systems (CIS) Department originated from the Business Education Department.  In fall 1966, John Stubbe and Jerry Davis were hired in the Business Education Department.  The first real computer, an IBM 1401, was acquired in the summer of 1967.  In the fall of 1968, the first computer programming courses were taught in Fortran by a part-time instructor. 

The Data Processing Department split off from the Business Education Department in 1969.  Microcomputers were introduced: an Altair, some Apple IIs and TRS 80s.  In 1980 the keypunch machines were eliminated along with the introduction of the System 34, a midrange computer system (which had less power than any of today’s desktop microcomputers).  In the mid 80’s the department was renamed to Computer Information Systems. 

Courses and degrees have expanded to cover the fields of networking, database, system security and Web programming. The department, with support from a National Science Foundation Advanced Technology Education grant, developed the Regional Information System Security Center (RISCC) in consortium with Cal Poly Pomona. 

The department now occupies 10 high-tech classrooms utilizing the latest technology from companies such as Microsoft, Dell, HP, Apple and VMware.



CIS program overview