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    • What is the Cloud Computing Certificate?

      The CIS Professional Certificate in Cloud Computing for Amazon Web Services program prepares students to design solutions for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) architectures by provisioning computing instances, establishing virtual private networks, managing databases and storage within a secure online environment. Students produce dynamic solutions responsive to information and computing technology workloads with on-demand pay-as-you-go pricing allowing flexibility for small business, entrepreneurship, and enterprise adoption. Industry certifications are embedded to prepare for occupations in Cloud Architect, Cloud Support Associate, Cloud Engineer or Cloud Technicians. Some preparation in information technology or computer programming is recommended.

    • Cloud Computing Salaries
      According to Indeed the average salary for Cloud Engineer is $147,851 per year.
    • How Do I Learn About Cloud Computing?
      The Cloud Computing program consists of four (4) core courses with a minimum of one (1) elective course to accumulate the total certificate units. The core courses lay the foundational cloud technology knowledge with the initial course (Introduction to Cloud Computing) being a prerequisite for the other three.

      Program Requirements
      Course Title Units Semester
      CISN 71 Introduction to Cloud Computing 3.0 1
      CISN 72A Cloud Computing Database Essentials in Amazon Web Services 3.0 1
      CISN 73A Compute Engines in Amazon Web Services 3.0 2
      CISN 74A Security in Amazon Web Services 3.0 2

      Required Electives (Choose 1 of the following 3.0-3.5 Units)

      Course Title Units Semester
      CISW 17 HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Programming 3.0 1 or 2
      or CISW 24 & 24L Secure Web Server Programming in Python & Lab 3.5 1 or 2
      or CISW 31 & 31L Secure Web Server Programming in PHP & Lab 3.5 1 or 2
      or CISP 21 & 21L Programming in Java & Lab 3.5 1 or 2
      or CISP 71 & 71L Python Programming 3.5 1 or 2
      or CISW 21 & 21L Web Server Programming with ASP.NET & Lab 3.5 1 or 2

      Recommended Elective
      Course Title Units Semester
      CISB 11 Computer Information Systems 3.5 1
    • How Long Will it Take to Earn the Certificate?
      The Certificate can be achieved in two semesters!
      • CISN 71 [Pre-requisite for all cloud computing courses]  
      • CISN 72A 
      • CISN 73A 
      • CISN 74A 
      • Programming Course
    • Tuition & Fees
      The estimated tuition costs are based on the college’s current tuition rates of $46/unit for in- state students and $288/unit + $46/unit enrollment fee for out-of-state/non- resident students.
      Residents* ~$690-$713
      Non Residents* ~$5,010-$5,177

      *Please note:The estimation above is only for enrollment tuition and does not include school fees. For more information on Tuition & Fees, please seeAdmission Fees.

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