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    • What is Big Data?

      Big data considers all the data a company can collect to make business decisions. It includes the following five characteristics:

      1. Volume: The sheer amount of data that can be collected and analyzed
      2. Velocity: How quickly data changes
      3. Variety: The many types of data that can be collected and analyzed
      4. Veracity: How accurate is the data and how reliable is the data source?
      5. Value: What is the value of the data to the organization
    • Where is Big Data Analytics Used?
      • Banking & Securities
      • Communications, Media & Entertainment
      • Healthcare Providers
      • Education
      • Manufacturing & Natural Resources
      • Government
      • Insurance
      • Retail & Wholesale Trade
      • Transportation
      • Energy & Utilities
    • Big Data Job Opportunities
      • A McKinsey Global Institute study stated that the US will face a shortage of about 190,000 data scientist and 1.5 million managers and analysts who understand Big Data by 2018.
      • An article titled "20 Reasons Why Big Data Analytics is the Best Career Move" at stated there will be an estimated 2.7 million job postings for data analytics and data science by 2020.
    • Big Data Salaries
      According to Indeed the average salary for big data jobs are:
      • Data Warehouse Analyst $112,051
      • Data Analyst $69,373
      • Developer $92,445
      • Data Scientist $121,726
      • Data Warehouse Architect $136,041
      • Software Architect $139,062
      • Senior Data Analyst $85,680
      • Senior Engineer $115,250
      • Java Developer $104,286
      • Application Developer $89,336
      • Senior Developer $98,318
      • Architect $107,945
      • Senior Software Engineer $128,811
    • How Do I Learn About Big Data? Earn a Big Data Analytics Certificate
      CISD 41 - Introduction to Data Science

      Learn how to use tools for acquiring, cleaning, analyzing, exploring, and visualizing data; making data-driven inferences and decisions; and effectively communicating results. 

      CISD 42 - Big Data Integration and Processing

      Use Big Data frameworks and tools. Integrate Big Data and warehouse data using various technologies. 

      CISD 43 - Big Data Modeling and Analysis

      Provides an exposure to data modeling, data mining, text mining, analytics, real-time analytics, and graph analytics from Big Data perspective. 

    • How Long Will it Take to Earn the Certificate?
      The Certificate can be achieved in two semesters!
      • CISD 41 - Fall
      • CISD 42 - Spring
      • CISD 43 - Spring
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