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    • What is Artificial Intelligence for Business?
      • Artificial intelligence (AI) enables computers and machines to mimic the perception, learning, problem-solving, and decision-making capabilities of the human mind.
      • Machine learning is an application of AI that includes algorithms that parse data, learn from that data, and then apply what they’ve learned to make informed decisions.
      • Deep learning is a subfield of machine learning that structures algorithms in layers to create an "artificial neural network” that can learn and make intelligent decisions on its own.
      • Natural language processing (NLP) is a branch of AI that helps computers understand, interpret and manipulate human language.
    • Where is Artificial Intelligence for Business Used?
      • Agriculture
      • Banking and Finance
      • E-Commerce
      • Education
      • Energy and Utilities
      • Healthcare
      • Human Resource
      • Marketing
      • Navigation
      • Social Media
      • Sports Analytics and Activities
      • Transportation
      • Virtual Assistant or Chatbots
    • Artificial Intelligence for Business Job Opportunities
      • Granter is a trusted advisor and an objective resource for more than 14,000 enterprises in 100+ countries. It stated that AI-related job creation will reach two million net-new jobs in 2025.
      • An article titled “Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Job Trends Important to Watch in 2021” at stated that an IDC report found three-quarters of commercial enterprise applications could lean on A.I. by next year alone, while an Analytics Insight report projects more than 20 million available jobs in artificial intelligence by 2023.
    • Artificial Intelligence for Business Salaries

      According to the salary ranges for artificial intelligence jobs in California are:

      • Machine Learning Engineer: average salary of $183,649
      • Data Scientist with less than one- year experience: average salary of $127,242
      • Business Intelligence Developer: average salary of $106,70
      • Research Scientist: average salary of $119,123
      • Deep Learning Engineer: average salary $147,765
    • How Do I Learn About Artificial Intelligence for Business? Earn an Artificial Intelligence for Business Certificate
      CISB 60 | Machine Learning in Business

      A broad introduction to machine learning and its implementation to solve real-world business problems.

      CISB 62* | Deep Learning in Business

      To learn the most cutting-edge deep learning algorithms and technique. Valuable hands-on experience with real-world business challenges.

      CISB 63 | Natural Language Processing in Business

      To learn natural language processing and its application in business.

      *CISD 41 can substitute for CISB 62 to achieve this certificate. See CIS Department Chair for variance. 

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