Preschool Program

Children Playing Child Playing with Blocks Girl and doll

A Great Place to Grow!

Teachers model respectful social behavior and provide complex activities and materials for children to explore at their level of abilities and learning styles. As children participate in choosing and implementing activities based on their own interests, they learn to:

  • Make sense of their experience
  • Theorize, analyze, hypothesize, and synthesize
  • Make and check predictions
  • Find information on their own
  • Strive for accuracy
  • Grasp the consequences of their actions
  • Persist in problem solving
  • Predict other’s wishes and feelings

Classroom Ratio

The preschool ratio of qualified adult to child ratio is 1:8, meaning 1 teacher to every 8 preschoolers.  Activities outside of the Center i.e. field trips, require greater adult to child supervision. In an effort to maintain the same level of safety, we increase our adult-child ratios by adding teacher aides and parent volunteers.

If a child’s challenging behavior requires a 1 to 1 ratio with teachers or otherwise significantly disrupts the program/classroom, the Center reserves the right to contact the parent to intervene and/or assist staff. 

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