About the Lab

Welcome to the MSAC Child Development Center Laboratory. We are pleased that you have chosen our center for your observation. Our program will be in operation during your visit so please respect the work of the children and teachers by following the guidelines below.

Please Note:  The Child Development Center reserves the right to prohibit continued observation if guidelines are not adhered to. The Child Development Center is not responsible for lost or stolen personal property.

Lab Guidelines

  1. Stop at the front desk to check in and put on a name tag. Wear your name tag during each observation.
  2. Turn off cell phones - no calls or texting in the center.
  3. Do not take photos of the children or the environment.
  4. If you need photos for your assignment, speak with the classroom teacher. Do not bring food, drinks, gum, backpacks, purses or any personal items into the classroom. 
  5. Be familiar with the assignment before you arrive. There is not space in the classroom to spread out notebooks, textbooks, etc.
  6. If you do not understand the assignment you need to speak with your professor. The classroom staff’s main responsibility is to care for the children and may not be available to help you with your assignment.
  7. Do not discuss children’s behavior with staff, parents, other students or anyone outside of the Center. All observations are to be kept confidential.
  8. Sit in chairs provided, not on classroom furniture. Choose a location that allows you to see and hear the children, without sitting too close or standing over them. It may make them feel uncomfortable and inhibit their play. At the end of your observation, take the chair back to the observation room.
  9. Avoid sitting with other students and chatting.
  10. If you observe a child engaged in harmful, dangerous, or inappropriate behavior, notify the center staff immediately. Intervene only if a child is in immediate danger. Otherwise, do not interfere with children’s play.
  11. Students may not be left alone with children for any reason nor are they allowed in any classroom alone.
  12. Remember, you are visiting our classroom in order to complete your assignment, but we live here all week. Be considerate of our classroom, children, and staff.

Thank you for your cooperation and enjoy your visit.